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  1. candyman4092

    candyman4092 Member

    i talked to boost today and they walked me through the debug menu and i thought it might be something to tell you guys about. to get there its ##33284# then enter your msl number ;)

  2. maskedviperus

    maskedviperus Well-Known Member

    Thanks, but please search the forum before posting things that are already posted.
  3. SheilaAS

    SheilaAS New Member

    whats a msl number?
  4. Rally 517

    Rally 517 Well-Known Member

    You dont have to get up tight. There is always new members who might not know all that. Like me. Well not really but you get the point
  5. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    it is the security code your phone uses
  6. fcortes626

    fcortes626 Well-Known Member

    and what did you do? i already knew how to get there. what problems were you having with your phone and did it fix them?
  7. ephix

    ephix New Member

    hey I accessed the debug menu on my prevail and it didnt give me the dial up option. wtf lol.
  8. vce2005

    vce2005 Well-Known Member

    Grinzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......... Have you looked at the "DATE" of the last post ????? This thread is almost 1 1/2 years old..... Lot's of things change in 17 month............ LOL

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