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  1. itsthereefaman

    itsthereefaman Active Member

    Recently, a prompt saying "debuggered.bin(SHELL) has BEEN Granted superuser permission". Actually, it could have been showing up since I've been rooted. My point is, it's constantly popping up now when I try to open random apps and the apps are not opening


  2. Gendo420

    Gendo420 Well-Known Member

    could be link2sd or CrossBreeder, I assume you have one or both of those installed?
  3. itsthereefaman

    itsthereefaman Active Member

    Yeah, Link2sd. Which the version I was using was buggy. I'm glad backed up everything because link2sd eventually stopped working properly and wouldn't read the partition so I had to start the whole process all of partitioning all over.

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  4. K Rize

    K Rize Well-Known Member

    Turn root notifications to allow?

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