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  1. Smoghog

    Smoghog Well-Known Member

    Has anyone found a good bluetooth game controller that works with the Captivate yet? It would be nice to have something that could easily control the various emulators on the market, especially with TV-Out. Even better if it had enough buttons for the PSX emulator. Has anyone made any headway on getting a PS3 controller working with it? Or is there a decent generic controller that has been confirmed as compatible?

  2. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

  3. Smoghog

    Smoghog Well-Known Member

    I heard the wiimote didn't work with Captivate... Not yet, at least.
  4. TheWalkinDude

    TheWalkinDude New Member

    Correct, Wiimote isn't working for Captivate due to proprietary bluetooth that is currently not compatible with the wii controller.

    Does anyone know if the Zeemote or any alternative works with Captivate?
  5. Infinite-t

    Infinite-t Well-Known Member

    I have been looking for a good BT controller too, I play a lot of emulator games and the onscreen control is a pain. Wiimote doesnt work. Zeemote does work, sort of, but it is crap. I make look in to doing some hacking of the zeemote to see if I can somehow retrofit the guts into a nes or Snes controller like that dude did with the MSI controller. The MSI controler might work, but it is not made anymore for some reason. You can buy em on Ebay still for 120.00 but that is rediculous.

    There is a controller that has been in development for a LONG time called the iControlpad. Origionaly it was going to be an xbox/ps3 type controler that hooked up to Apple's dock connector. I guess they didn't get permission from the allmighty Apple to use their connector design and apple threatened to sue. So they scrapped the connector and went bluetooth. Rumor has it that this bluetooth will support phones other than iPhone including "Some android models"... But seeing how Samsung found it necissary to use a proprietary blue tooth system.. I wouldn't be surprised if it doesnt work for ours. I have yet to find a bluetooth keyboard that works with these yet.. Ive tried 2.

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