Decent list of apps for Autism and other disabilities

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  1. thicket

    thicket Well-Known Member

    My son has Autism and I thought I would share this great list of Android apps designed for people with autism and other disabilities. I especially like TapToTalk, they have a free version, but paying for it (yeah it's not cheap) is SO worth it.

    List of Android applications for people with autism | iAutism

    Ashley :)

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  2. Christen99

    Christen99 New Member

    Thanks for posting this! I have two with autism, and we have stepped into the modern age with an ipod/ipad for them (one's 12, the other 7), and a smart phone for me. I'm finding that visual timers, behavior trackers, and a fantastic calendar, along with a favorite app for each of the boys on my phone have been really great.
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  3. 2012

    2012 Well-Known Member

  4. thicket

    thicket Well-Known Member

  5. Christen99

    Christen99 New Member

    My kids really like 3D Brain, which is really cool when talking about the areas of the brain that are affected. When I explained my oldest son's recent Asperger's diagnosis, he was asking about specific traits, and wanted to know where in the brain they were. We were able to rotate the brain, and he got a great look at the amygdala, frontal cortex, etc. He also learned about what functions each area of the brain are responsible for what. Very cool app to just play around with.
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  6. thicket

    thicket Well-Known Member

    That is WAY cool. Going to download that one for sure.
  7. fitfixer

    fitfixer New Member

    I have 2 Autistic sons, one has a Viewpad, the other a Galaxy Tab 2 10 inch, the problem is that the screens are so cluttered that they have difficulty finding the apps that they want to use, most of the built-in apps cannot be removed, is there any way I can get an uncluttered screen with only their commonly used apps?
  8. RyanB

    RyanB Distributor of Awesome VIP Member

    when you say the 'screens' are cluttered, are you referring to the screen you see when you got the home button, or the one that opens the drawer that houses ALL the apps?
  9. fitfixer

    fitfixer New Member

    Thanks for the reply RyanB, I am new to Android and I am testing some applications that are designed specifically for children with communication problems, they are mainly tap-the-photo to speak or AAC apps and seem to be just what we need for developing speech, I am referring to the screen with all the Apps, they seem to end up there, select a random app and get stuck
    is there any way to hide this screen?
    perhaps what I need is a custom interface like some of the ones I see in the shops for Children with a stripped-down restricted home screen
  10. deltaforce

    deltaforce Well-Known Member

    Although the list is comprehensive, this is no way closer to the apps available for iOS. Hence, I have iOS + Android for DS to use.

    That being said, I think it depends on your child's disability and which disability you would like to address. If your child is totally non-verbal, then there are good apps for iOS but almost none for android. Plus, I strongly believe, that the app developers do not understand the disability completely to be able to design apps to address the issues.

    Second aspect is, majority of the apps are designed for younger kids (Mine is 4.5) but I keep wondering how I keep addressing issues as he grows up.

    To be very honest, I am more inclined towards taking him away from touch devices and making more efforts to make him interact with neurotypical girls (Girls are more tolerant than wicked boys of same age) and glad to say, I see a progress in his speech and social skills.
    Other approach, I took was to introduce him to the movies (so that he gains some language from there and again glad to say, it worked, but the speech generation is far from neurotypical kids of his age but as you all know, any improvement is a celebration). The movies I used, Cars, Ice Age I, Kung Fu Panda, WordWorld+Martha Speaks and similar PBS series.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Note to mods - Should there be a section for 'apps for special needs' or 'Concerning Special needs'. Such section is available at iPadforums
  11. RyanB

    RyanB Distributor of Awesome VIP Member

    Well, you could try using a replacement home screen, where you can customize where the button that opens the drawer would be located, or you can organize what apps area shown when you open the drawer. There's tons of options that come with using them that you don't find with the homescreen UI that ships with your device, which really is part of the appeal in using one.

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