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Decent quadband Andorid phone

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  1. smaxer

    smaxer New Member This Topic's Starter

    Apr 8, 2010
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    Hi Gang!

    I'm currently in the US (for about 6 month) and I planed to buy a nice new android phone. But since I will be back in Europe in a while it has to be quadband.

    So do you know if there are any decent quadband, android phones comming up?

    - I like the Incredible very much great HW specs - but no quadband...
    - Nexsus One has quadband but is (a little bit outdated) - maybe if they reduce the price...
    - HTC Desire well basically is the nexsus one and is not available in the US - only as import

    Verizon is always pushing decent andorid phones out but they are never quadband - why?

    So do you have any advise? At the moment I'm just waiting... and hope for a great android quadband phone...



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