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  1. QMonk

    QMonk New Member

    Please read and think of my problem:
    My phones screen cracked and I can't see or touch anything. I connected my phone to the PC and downloaded latest Kies to backup EVEYTHING. But Kies asked me to ##UNLOCK THE PHONE##. I found away, one of samsung websites to unlock the phone remotely.
    Once the website unlocked my phone, Kies detected and backed up everything ##EXCEPT THE SD CARD SINCE IT IS ENCRYPTED##
    After I replaced the screen I put the SD Card in the phone since it contains my wifes and families photos and videos. After I turn the phone I could see the files on my SD CARD but the files ##CAN'T BE OPENED##. I went to the security to remove the encryption but I found a strange thing whcih is the phone asks me if I should ENCRYPT THE SD CARD <NOT DECRYPT>.
    Please help me . I want to see all my family photos and videos and other songs.

  2. QMonk

    QMonk New Member

    Anyone as any idea

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