Default and contact ringtones changed all by itself!

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  1. dornier

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    Oct 24, 2009
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    I had a default ringtone selected (old phone), then I selected different ringtones for some of my contacts. It worked fine for several days, then all of a sudden I would hear a classical song and think my phone was playing music all by itself. It turns out that every contact had specific classical song for a ringtone. Each contact was assigned the exact same song and I never changed anything. The only thing I did that might of caused this was to remove and replace the 2GB microSD with an 8GB. I copied all of the folders and files, but I wonder if this is what caused this to happen.

    What are your thoughts?


  2. MollyOReilley

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    May 19, 2013
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    This exact thing just happened to me, except that each contact still had a different ringtone, but instead of taking them from my ringtones folder, they were coming from a folder of music that I'd added. I had also just swapped out my SD card for a larger one and transferred all my folders and files to the new card.

    I suppose I'm not terribly encouraged that you didn't get a reply. ;-) But I'm hoping someone who's around now can explain this.

    Sorry, forgot to mention that I've got an HTC Desire S, if that makes a difference.

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