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Default contacts list with 2 gmail accountsGeneral

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  1. mysweetmouth

    mysweetmouth New Member

    I have a few gmail ACCTS. My main account starts with the letter S and a secondary acct starts with the letter M.

    I'm having trouble telling my Contact list to use the S acct as default.
    Before I get start getting told... I know how to display contacts using settings.
    It seems that even when I select S as the contact list to display, if I add a new contact the Google icon/acct within that contact shows it listed in the M acct.
    M comes before S alphabetically and somehow even if I select only to display S contacts, new ones are adopted into the blue Google M account. This can be seen when editing the contact.
    How can I choose the default acct to add all new contacts to?

    Second question...how can I see/get the total number of contacts in any given acct? I'd like to compare the lists.


  2. trucky

    trucky Well-Known Member

    Not sure what to tell you on the first part.

    Question 2, go online to your web Gmail, go to Contacts and it will tell you how many contacts you have, including any groups.
  3. allanlaw

    allanlaw Well-Known Member

    Try going into your Google account on your computer, and specify "S" as your primary email account under your account settings. Then report back and let us know if this did the trick.
  4. mysweetmouth

    mysweetmouth New Member

    Thx trucky... Yes I had forgotten about using web based gmail to see that number...actually on mobile when you change contacts to display a number flashes very quickly after you save/select the new contact list to display. In gmail web mine shows 550 yet in Android it shows 589...maybe there are some additional (WhatsApp) contacts included that web based doesn't see.
  5. mysweetmouth

    mysweetmouth New Member

    PC Google account as in Gmail? Of course if I sign into gmail I'd be using that particular addresses contact list.. yes?
    I looked around for different contact lists to default, couldn't see anything.
    Any pointers?

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