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Default Internet Browser?

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  1. jeffinthecity

    jeffinthecity Member

    I have a couple of browsers, the stock Android browser and Opera Mini, on my Shift (I'll use Opera if I need tabs, stock if I don't), and so far, all has been well. Last week, I got tired of being asked 3 and 4 times by the same website (multiple sites, multiple times) what browser I wanted to open it with. So I made the stock browser my default for that one website. Trouble is, now it's the default for every website.
    How can I undo this? I've looked under the settings and found nothing, so far.

  2. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands VIP Member

    Hard menu key from the home screen, then settings>applications>manage applications>all>internet>clear defaults.... Should do the trick.
  3. jeffinthecity

    jeffinthecity Member

    Many thanks; that did the trick.

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