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  1. nobletype

    nobletype Member

    Is anyone using a case that has the keyboard slide easy?

    I'm having trouble finding a case that makes it simple.

  2. jwrobel0398

    jwrobel0398 Member

    I tried numerous different approaches for this phone to end up with the following to protect it.......

    Screen protector; Amazon sells a 5 pack for Virgin Mobile Optimus, fits perfectly. You have to make sure before you play with these things that you wash your hands, clean the screen and pretty much use the first one or two to pull off all the airborne lint before finally getting one on the screen without air bubbles.

    I went with Amazon again for a fish bone hybrid case that works well and allows the phone to slide open easily. Problem with this is your leather carrying case will not accomodate the phone after you install the hybrid case so, you have to go to a mall kiosk and buy an oversized case ($5) and it will fit just fine. I found this combination will protect the phone out of the leather case and allow you to be able to keep the phone handy on your belt/waist.

    The only problem I have had with this phone is moving apps to the sd card as you begin to run out of internal space rather quickly if you start adding apps ad hoc.

  3. rexxcastle

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  4. KillerKat222

    KillerKat222 New Member

    ya i found 1 on amazon for 14 dollars that was nice it slides rly easy!
  5. mbardera

    mbardera Member

    Need to find case for my phone also. What was yours called on amazon? Come in different colors? Thanks

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