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  1. linnes

    linnes New Member

    hey, im new to this forum so sorry if its already been asked, but does anyone know how to change ur default memory from the phone to the memory card, if you cant, can you move them round, like send the app storage to memory card? any help would be appreciated, gettin frustrated now :(

  2. Netorino

    Netorino Member

    You can't.
    Apps stored in SD appear on android 2.2, which sadly is not the case for our x10 mini pros.
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  3. ShiKaiSheng

    ShiKaiSheng Active Member

    some apps in the Android market has the capability to be saved in the SD Card <i think>
  4. passtherock

    passtherock Member

    yup i was also wondering since i installed Astro to manage the downloaded applications, however if i use the search function or look for the games it doesnt come up with results.
  5. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    Any downloaded games or applications are stored within your phone memory not your SD card and therefore you can't use Astro.
  6. Supratik

    Supratik New Member

    You may have already got the answer.. but i have joined this forum today.. so sharing my thoughts on the same...

    just go to settings -> manage applications-> click on the application you want to move to sd card/phone -> you will see the option as "Move to SD card" if your application is residing in phone memory or vice versa..

    is it what you were looking for
  7. deepak27s

    deepak27s Active Member

    there's no option to move...only option is there to uninstall or force stop
  8. Ygarian

    Ygarian Member

    You can take a look at XDA developers. If you are willing to root your phone, you can either get a stand-alone App2SD solution there, or upgrade to Froyo or Gingerbread.
    Not all applications are movable, and even if they are, their widgets may no longer work. Changing your ROM is not for those faint of heart or short of patience. You can expect a lot of issues to pop up if you do. That said, you'll have a better phone in some regards.

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