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  1. Endonesia

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    Problem: When I click to play a song a list of apps comes up that I can open up the file with, problem is that music player doesn't show up in that list. Instead a Sound Player comes up and when I play a song in that, if I go away from the Sound Player (such as hitting the home button) it turns off the song.

    In all honesty, I didn't even know the phone came with a default music player until about 4 months after having the phone, because with the sound player problem I just went to the google/play store and downloaded songbird to play all my music.

    Anyways, any help on this would be appreciated as songbird has decided to make some changes that I don't really like and my purchase of poweramp left me frustrated and disappointed.

    Edit. Phone is is an AT&T Galaxy S SGH-I897.

  2. Endonesia

    Endonesia New Member



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