Default permissions are hidden on the google play app

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    With the Jelly Bean update came a new permission "read external storage"

    In order to allow developers to check how this permission will work a Default permission has been added to many apps (I think its been added to all apps - games included)

    • Default
    • test access to protected storage test access to protected storage
      Allows the app to test a permission for USB storage that will be available on future devices. Allows the app to test a permission for the SD card that will be available on future devices.
    When I take a look at an app on my desktop computer I will see under Permissions at the end of the list the Default permissions for the app.
    When I will look at the same permission with the google play app on my tablet I will not see the Default section.

    Another thing I noticed is that you won't see the Default section when looking on the app through the built in Task Manger. (most of my games are not up to date so don't have this default permission. I downloaded one game to check it with "clouds and sheep" and the default section wasn't showing on the Task Manger)

    I checked a few browser apps to validate my claims here is the list

    Dolphin Browser
    Opera Mobile
    Firefox for Android
    UC Browser
    Maxthon Android Web Browser
    Skyfire Web Browser 4.0
    Boat Browser

    p.s. I first wrote about this hidden section in a post about Glu Mobile. I thought its a thing only they do but now it seems that's its something related to the android OS.

  2. blaaaa

    blaaaa Active Member

    I'm bumping this thread because I think its an important issue that people should know about and take into consideration when checking the permissions of an app.

    glu mobile hidden permission
    This is the thread I wrote about the same issue with Glu Mobile. It got more attention and more replies (2 from forum guides) that I think would be adequate to this thread too.

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