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  1. arkim

    arkim Active Member

    Initially, what I wanted to do was set the setting so that when I press the call button or swipe to make a phone call to one of my contacts, the call would be made through Viber.

    So, when the option came up to choose which app I would like to use, I chose Viber and pressed on the "Set as default" setting.

    Little did I know, it would make it the default phoning application/method for ALL contacts, not just the 1 contact I wanted to do this for.

    How can I set it back to default so that it gives me the option to choose how to make the phone call everytime I would like to place a call? I read it's somewhere in the Settings > Applications > Manage Applications setting but not sure what to do from there? Clear Viber data?

    Also, is there a way to do what I wanted to do initially (ie. for 1 contact only, make the default phone call method via Viber)?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    You're right about settings, applications, manage applications. You then need to scroll down to viber and press clear defaults.

    I'm not sure about the other bit though.
  3. arkim

    arkim Active Member

    Clear defaults did the trick.

  4. WilfMoralee

    WilfMoralee Well-Known Member

    Second option doesn't seem to be an option rightnow. If you go to contacts, select the contact and then menu, and select defaults. This allows you to select default name (which can be set to cover), photos and numbers but none if the options seem to allow default application to use. Looks like best to just use vibe when you need to call that individual.

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