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Default ringtone keeps resettingSupport

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  1. Farhan23

    Farhan23 Member

    I've set a custom mp3 as my default ringtone. However, every morning it keeps on getting reset to the default Samsung ringtone. I have to manually go into Settings Sounds Default Ringtone and choose the file again from there.. any solution for this problem??

  2. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Where is the music file? I had the problem once and found that a lot of time it is due to where the ringtone is placed. If it is a proper MP3 in a song folder, then sometimes it doesn't work that well.

    You should create a ringtone from the MP3 using an app, then placed it in a folder called Ringtones. Now when you select the ringtone for your contact, don't select from My Files. Instead, select the phone ringtone option. If you have the music in a Ringtones folder, it should appear.

    Second thing, if you placed the Ringtones folder in an external microSD, it works the same way, but if you take out/unmount the microSD, it can get reset as well.

    Hope that helps
  3. Farhan23

    Farhan23 Member

    Thanks Russell.. where should the Ringtones directly be? In usbstorage root? What about notifications and alarms.. should these have their own directories?
  4. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    The folders can be anywhere I think. You can have it in the external microSD or say put it in a music folder with "Ringtones" subfolder. Go ahead and do the same thing for "Notifications" folder.

    What happens is that when you select the ringtone / alarm / sms tone you can select from the "Phone" itself.

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