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Default skin after HTC Sense upgradeTips

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  1. Alexrorysmith

    Alexrorysmith New Member

    So after installing the upgrade my lovely skin disappeared and it is no longer shown in the options OR in the hub. How can I get it back?!

    I had 'slate', to unlock my phone I had to drag downwards rather than upwards and the menu at the bottom of my home screen was rectangular rather than rounded.

    I know these are only small things but I was very happy and comfortable with my set up and can't even change back to it anymore! Can anyone help me?

    I also don't want crappy widgets showing on my unlock screen :(

    Thanks in advance

  2. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    The 'Slate' skin doesn't come with Sense 3.0, which I presume is what you upgraded to. I think it's because the design doesn't fit with the new Sense look.

    And, there's no way to delete the widgets on the lock screen. However, you can change them.

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