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  1. JayAaroBe

    JayAaroBe Member

    I read some other threads that discussed this issue but I couldn't find an answer to my question.

    I live in the USA. I have the app called "WhatsApp" which I use to text message my friend who lives in another country, internationally. I will refer to him as my i-contact.

    Here's what I want: when I text message any of my regular contacts, I want it to remember my choice of using the regular text-messaging app. When I text message my i-contact I want it to remember my choice of using the "WhatsApp" app.

    How do I do this?

    I know how to go into the settings and reset the defaults for an app. However the problem is that it will "remember" only one of two ways, neither of which is what I need: either it will remember to text ALL my contacts using "WhatsApp", or it will remember to text ALL my contacts using the regular text messaging app. How can I make it remember to use "WhatsApp" only for my i-contact?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. JayAaroBe

    JayAaroBe Member

    bump to original question
  3. JayAaroBe

    JayAaroBe Member

    I can't believe nobody knows anything about this????
  4. PowerBomb

    PowerBomb Well-Known Member

    Well, believe it, because this is a pretty strange request. Not only are you trying to set two apps as defaults at once, you are trying to set them as default depending on which contact you are texting. Android has great customization options but what you're asking for is pretty out-there. Maybe it can be done somehow, but it begs the question why can't you just commit to using one app or the other. Only way I can think of is that you select no default at all, and every time you choose to text someone it will pop up with "which app do you want to use to do this". By defintion, default means "this one thing will happen every time, no exception". If you want to be able to make an exception, then you select no default, and you specify which app you want to open every single time you text.

    Nobody "knows anything about this" because you're probably the first person in the world who wants different sms apps to pop up depending on who they text. ;)
  5. JayAaroBe

    JayAaroBe Member

    I'm not trying to seem entitled, I'm just surprised. I figure there's tons of people out there who have contacts internationally that they keep in touch with. WhatsApp is a great app for doing that, but by no means do I want to use it every time I text someone who's in the same country as me.

    Well, I guess I get a merit badge for having a unique problem :)

    I suppose the workaround solution would be to have the standard SMS be default and then specifically click on the WhatsApp app when I want to message my international contacts?

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