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  1. LouieLou74

    LouieLou74 Well-Known Member

    After the latest upgrade, I notice none of my defaults save. Every time I power off, this happens. Is this happening to anyone else?


  2. akazabam

    akazabam Well-Known Member

    What "defaults" are you referring to? Data? Apps? Settings? And what do you mean by defaults? Things you've changed?
  3. LouieLou74

    LouieLou74 Well-Known Member

    For example I use music mod for music, so when I press on a mp3 it asks me do I want to use music or music mod to open it. I click save as default so it remembers and yet every time my phone is restarted now it again asks me. Never happend before update. Any thoughts?
  4. akazabam

    akazabam Well-Known Member

    Ah, got it. Is it happening to all, most, a few, or just that one app/file type?
  5. LouieLou74

    LouieLou74 Well-Known Member

    Pretty much anything that asks to set as default. :-(
  6. Spring2784

    Spring2784 New Member

    If you haven't found a solution. Make sure your launcher app is installed on your internal memory and not on your sd card. That is what fixed it for me.

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