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Defy having widespread earpiece failures?General

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  1. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

  2. bfready

    bfready Active Member

    None here either... The second I have problems with the earpiece, however, going back for warranty replacement or repair.
  3. NiteWalker

    NiteWalker Member

    No problems here either, but I'm not worried if I do have a problem. It'll get fixed.
  4. bfready

    bfready Active Member

    I have been using a cable from my phone to the TV in the garage so I can listen to music through its speakers. I have been doing it for a while. Sometimes the phone rings, so I either keep it on the TV speakers or pull the cable off and use the phone speaker (not speaker phone.. the normal phone speaker). I have not had any issues yet.
  5. csabika

    csabika Active Member

  6. tednet

    tednet Member

    Actually, it's not defective. I had a long conversation with the company that handles all the repairs in my country and turns out the earpiece is not water proof (/extreme facepalm)
    So, because there is no sticker to check if water has gone into the speaker, they replace it under warranty in 2 to 3 days. Now they have gotten a new stock of earpieces which is supposed to be water proof, so if you decide to dunk your defy into a beer, try not to dunk the earpiece or you will most likely have to go and get it replaced. If you can afford the 2-3 days to get the speaker replaced, it would be actually a good idea.
  7. stevechou

    stevechou Member

    really? which country?
  8. tednet

    tednet Member

  9. stevechou

    stevechou Member

    If the water go into earpiece, will the mainboard still work? so I doubt that the earpiece is not water proof.
    Are you the staff of MOTO?
  10. 8Ball

    8Ball Well-Known Member

    Mine was dunked in a cup of tea ear piece first to prove a point. It's still working fine.
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  11. tednet

    tednet Member

    Guys, I am just telling you what the company that fixes all the motorolas in my country said. The speaker just cannot stand up to water. If I wanted to keep it working that I should not dunk it in water, beer and stuff because that's what causes it to fail. They said it's no problem if it stops working if I do that because they've got a shipment of earpieces and change it withing 2-3 days. Believe what you want but Motorola will never give you an official statement...
  12. stevechou

    stevechou Member

    someone didn't put defy into water, the earpiece still don't work, so I doubt that.
  13. connectandroid

    connectandroid Well-Known Member

    interesting as some folks who never put it in water has the same ear piece issue. Maybe motorola prior to leaving factory has water dunk test them ?
  14. tds01

    tds01 Member

    I have no issue, and if I do I'll replace it w/Motorola. Case closed!!!
  15. JuanPiggly

    JuanPiggly Active Member

    Yes indeed. My defy randomly stopped working a couple days ago after i've had it for about a month and a half. And nope, i've never dunked it in any sort of liquid, it's earpiece just stopped working. I can only hear people when i have a headset plugged in or have it on speakerphone. I'm just gonna take it back to t-mobile and get it replaced.
  16. JuanPiggly

    JuanPiggly Active Member

    yep i've never put mine in water and it just stopped working. :(
  17. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Just an update...I just started noticing that when on a call, using the earpiece, that if I move the phone slightly (adjusting on my ear for comfort), the volume level drops down significantly, and then returns to original levels, if I move the back to its previous position. Sometimes I move it enough to have the screen turn back on, but mostly never more than a cm or two away from my ear. I'm mainly noticing it if I slide the phone slightly, from one part of my ear to the other.

    This does not happen on every call, and I can not recreate the issue consistently. I'm thinking its a sensor, or a bad connection with the driver on the circuit board.
  18. Sefriel

    Sefriel Member

    It is a bad connection. I work in the phone industry (retail end currently) and use an HTC Desire and a Defy. The Desire is my work phone, the Defy my personal one (better for falling off motorbikes with, etc). I have now had two (2) Defys which have had an earpiece failure within a month of firstboot.

    There is a very small chance that there was water ingress as I had been using them to play music in the shower - hey, the loudspeaker is great! - but it's unlikely to be an issue as my Tattoo (rest its electronic soul) coped with that just fine.

    On both occasions, on the days before the speaker went completely I noticed that if I pressed the phone to my ear in a specific (and painful) manner I could revive the ear speaker and hear people. This is surely the sign of a bad connector.

    The story has a happy ending though, as Vodafone have agreed to do a second exchange for free, and bring the new phone to my door this time! In fact, I'm going to post about that, because God knows Voda could do with some good publicity right now (and no I don't work for them).
  19. BobbyPhoenix

    BobbyPhoenix Well-Known Member

    Found this post over at XDA Defy earpiece begining to fail (T-mobile US) - Page 4 - xda-developers Seems like we can tell what phones will break if they have not yet done so. I'm going to check mine, and report back. Mine is still going strong for over two months. It's been under water and everything.

    EDIT - In case that thread goes missing here is what was said:

    I spoke with a Tmo (USA) rep and they asked me to pull the battery and look at the small sticker towards the top of the compartment. They were looking for either a blue dot or “BP” in the text above “made in China”. It seems that if your phone has either of these, you are in the clear...
  20. BobbyPhoenix

    BobbyPhoenix Well-Known Member

  21. Sefriel

    Sefriel Member

    My third handset (yes, third) has neither the blue dot or the BP, it's a BO7 apparently :( Oh well, I know I'll get another if it goes again...
  22. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Mine has neither the blue dot, nor the "BP", and earpiece is fine after 2 months. Its "almost" as loud as the "speaker" on my Nokia E72. :rolleyes:

  23. Sefriel

    Sefriel Member

    We'll just have to see. I'll be taking it easy plugging/unplugging earphones and jack leads for the foreseeable...
  24. ollyshaw

    ollyshaw Member

    My Defy was working fine for nearly two months. Now the earpiece speaker has failed :-(

    This was not water related, however I have only just recently started using the motorola wired headphone/handsfree. I think that has somehow dislodged the connection.

    Gutted, I bought from carphonewarehouse in the UK. What are my chances of getting a replacement or a refund rather than having to send it away for repair?

  25. ollyshaw

    ollyshaw Member

    Well CPW wont offer me a replacement and it has gone into their churning repair process.

    Not good news at all.


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