Defy vs Galaxy S vs Desire Z

  1. KaRaan25

    KaRaan25 Member

    I want to buy an Android phone again but I can't decide. I will buy a second-hand one after I sell my N900 and the Desire Z is a little over my price range...
    Still I want to know your opinions on these 3 phones. Maybe you can help me decide.


  2. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    If you like having a physical keyboard, the Desire Z is the only one of the three that has it. Also, the Desire Z is the most recent phone of the three and has a newer version of Android than the others. Not sure of all of the features of 2.2 over 2.1, but one of the features of 2.2 is that it is a little faster than 2.1.

    What exactly is important to you in a phone (other than price)? What do you use it for (or plan to) most often?
  3. Reap

    Reap Well-Known Member

    Motorola Defy... If you decide to get a Motorola Defy, don't expect any updates to newer OS versions.

    Galaxy S has a better GPU than the other two phones so better gaming experience. Also don't expect any updates from Samsung unless your planning to root and Rom which I have done. Galaxy S also has a bigger screen size than the other two with Super amoled display (more durable screen)

    Desire Z has a physical Keyboard and has the fastest processor out of the two because of the scorpion processor
  4. Guamguy

    Guamguy Well-Known Member

    Unless you plan to upgrade the Galaxy S to Froyo with Samsung Kies, I won't recommend it. With Samsung, as they tend to be slow on updates, its more crucial to get the highest OS possible or let someone else do it, like Google. Hence:

    I would recommend the Nexus S if its available with your area or coming soon. Vodafone plans to bring it to 23 countries at least. The Nexus S remains the flagship phone for all Android in terms of having the latest OS updates.

    The second choice is the Samsung Galaxy SL. It uses SLCD instead of Super AMOLED, and the chip is an OMAP 6 like the Droid 2 instead of the Hummingbird. The phone comes with Android 2.2 Froyo out of the box.

    Both the Nexus S and the Galaxy SL are the most recent Samsung models coming out in the line internationally.

    The Desire Z remains highly recommended.

    I'm not sure about the Defy. Its screen animations is more choppier than the rest. A better choice would be the Motorola Cliq 2 if you're with US T-Mobile or if this phone is made available to other countries, which it might. If you're in the Euro/Asian/MidEast market, another Motorola to recommend would be the Milestone 2. Both the Milestone 2 and the Cliq 2 has the same specs and are sliders, but the metal construction of the Milestone 2 would make it more expensive.
  5. Reap

    Reap Well-Known Member

    Cliq is the worse choice possible phone for an android phone, ask any of the original Cliq owners which would also include me. Cliq XT stuck on 1.5 and will never get an upgrade, Original Cliq finally got 2.1 update when 2.3 came out and that is the final OS upgrade from the Cliq. Not to mention the shitty Motoblur bloatware. Getting a Cliq would make you want to leave Android again.

    Also, If it's not a Verizon Motorola, expect Motorola to abandon the phone.
  6. Burky

    Burky Member

    Actually if you getting it in the UK the Defy WILL be getting 2.2 in Q2 so from around aprilish
  7. KaRaan25

    KaRaan25 Member

    I want the Android because it lets me personalize all and I like the overall OS (bored by Nokia OS) and I like to take pictures (so a good camera is needed - I know SGS does not have flashlight), big screen for internet... I don't know what else... all that I can do :)
    I'm from Romania and for now, the only phone I like in my price range is Galaxy S. I will try to root if that's what you all recomand but I'm not sure about what exactly am I suppose to do.
    Maybe you can guide me through some links that tell me what to do.
    One of the biggest problems with all droids is the battery life. Will rooting give me a way of making that better?
    Thank you all!!! (This forum is MUCH better than the romanian one - sorry if someone reads this and feels offended)
  8. Guamguy

    Guamguy Well-Known Member

    This is not the same Cliq. Cliq 2 comes with 1 GHz processor and has every spec equal to the Droid 2. The screen is a 3.7". Comes with Android 2.2. It is far more of a power phone than its predecessor.

    Motoblur itself is "thinning" out among the latest versions.

    According to the official specs

    MOTOROLA CLIQ 2 with MOTOBLUR - Android Business Smartphone - Work - Tech Specs - Motorola Mobility, Inc. USA

    Its got 3G 850, 1700 and 2100. This band combination is a rarity since it has the AT&T, the international band, and T-Mobile band all in one.
  9. Reap

    Reap Well-Known Member

    I know it's not the same Cliq but if they abandoned development on the first Cliq how do you know they won't abandon development on this one? I have to agree that the harrdware itself on the Cliq 2 is quite impressive coming from the original Cliq but like I said, will Motorola abandon development on this one like they did the first one if a new OS comes out?
  10. Guamguy

    Guamguy Well-Known Member

    Assuming they abandoned upgrades:

    Cliq - you're stuck on Android 2.1

    Cliq 2 - you're stuck with Android 2.2.

    But that's the thing, you stay stuck with Android 2.2 and that's not a bad thing. Even when outdated, it will still have all the features that will keep it relevant for a longer time. This is not to mention your hardware will always be the same. You rather get stuck with a Cliq 2 than a Cliq 1.

    One of the reasons why upgrades are not working on the old, slow handsets is because its getting more and more difficult to shoehorn the newer Android OS into them. Tight fit really. More powerful handsets simply got more legroom for future OS versions. It's far easier to update an HTC Desire to Froyo than it did for the HTC Hero. The question really, was a matter of engineering and logistics.
  11. WLDock

    WLDock New Member

    When I was searching for feedback on the Cliq 2 that my wife just got comments like yours is all that I found...A bunch of pissed off Cliq users. Most said to avoid the Cliq 2 at all cost even though many have yet use or even see the phone in person. Nevertheless, many trade reviews showed the phone to be a much better device than the previous version. Also, I agree with Guamguys comments...the firmware outgrew the device...I am sure that was the issue the the last Cliq.

    A agree 100%! This Cliq 2 is so much nicer than the last version and is a very nice so called middle-of-the-line Android phone. I would call it a lower-end-of-the-high-end-line Android phone. So far I see the phone as a great answer to the issues and limitations of the last devices.

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