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  1. wrigglesworth

    wrigglesworth Well-Known Member

    Hi Sanjsrik,

    I'm no spokesman for these guys (in fact I had moan about the app further up the thread), but give them a break! There are in fact quite a lot of ex-Palm OS users (including me) who have been trying to persuade a developer to come up with something that would fit in with the way we prefer to work, something which is highly functional and puts pretty screens and icons well down the priority list. I don't see any sort of corporate conspiracy going on here. What they're trying to produce is a great idea and there is certainly a market for it. There is a free element to their software, which as I understand it just syncs via Google, and therefore just provides a better/different interface with the device's existing databases. It's free, so I'm not sure anyone has much of a case for complaining too bitterly about it. The paid-for desktop sync add-on is a great idea and I would pay $40 in a flash if I thought it would work! There are a number of dinosaurs like myself who see a whole world of trouble in the idea of placing all your most personal data outside of your own control.

    It's a bit cheeky getting us to beta test the thing for them, but I'm prepared to forgive them if they can get it working. (Having said that I still haven't reinstalled it, I'm waiting for a favourable review!).

  2. sanjsrik

    sanjsrik Well-Known Member

    And this is the problem, it is NOT free, it's a 14-day trial. Don't know how that's free, yet, it's categorized as free. It should be categorized as a paid app.
  3. evperry

    evperry Well-Known Member

    [deleted by Mod]

    Post you complaints, comments and critique to them. If they set up the program properly then people will pay, if not no one will, just that simple. Why waste the energy?

  4. mitchellvii

    mitchellvii Well-Known Member

    Some glaring issues with this app. Make me wonder if the developer understands the point of a contact manager.

    When adding a contact to an event the app should have the option of dumping that persons address into the location field. Secondly, there is no way to access Google navigation from the location field.

  5. mitchellvii

    mitchellvii Well-Known Member

    Anone who is looking to integrate contacts with calendar should look at "ContactEvent". I use it every day and it is awesome.
  6. companionlink

    companionlink Well-Known Member

    I like your suggestion of populating the location field with the linked contact's address - I'll pass this on to the developers. We are currently working on making addresses tap-to-launch (much like phone numbers and email addresses). Look for this in a future release.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  7. meyerweb

    meyerweb Well-Known Member

    I don't use the software, and have no relationship with the company, and I'm not interested in defending them. But you're just wrong.

    The Android app is 100%, totally free. You can use it standalone, to access the calendar data already on your phone (and in Google calendar). It's the desktop sync component that costs money, but that component is not necessary at all to use the Android app.

    There are lots of other calendar apps that don't sync with Outlook. Some are free and some are not. Why aren't you complaining about them not offering full functionality?
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  8. meyerweb

    meyerweb Well-Known Member

    This looks good (without having actually installed it yet). But it's frustrating to have to use so many apps to do something that should be built into the core apps. It's not like this is a new idea. PalmOS could do it 10 years ago.
  9. meyerweb

    meyerweb Well-Known Member

    I sync all of my calendar event with my work calendar using EAS. Android apparently stores EAS calendar events and contacts in a different database, or tags them in some different way, than it does Google or phone contacts and events.

    DejaOffice doesn't appear to see that data at all. I'd love an app that gives me more functionality on the phone, but if it can't see my data it doesn't help me.

    I don't need a sync solution, I need a professional caliber calendar app for Android. So far, I'm still looking.
  10. companionlink

    companionlink Well-Known Member

    We are right in the middle of adding functionality to select which accounts DejaOffice will sync with. By default, DejaOffice will only read data from the primary Google account. In the upcoming DejaOffice 1.6, you'll be able to select which account (such as Exchange) DejaOffice will integrate with. In DejaOffice 1.6, go to Settings, then Sync Settings. You can choose which accounts to integrate with here.

    EDIT: DejaOffice 1.6.2 is now available on the Android Market or direct from
  11. SNeitzel

    SNeitzel Well-Known Member

    Not too bad.
    I was mainly looking for a better option than the abysmal stock android calendar app. so I haven't looked at any other parts and I don't have the need for PC/Outlook sync.

    This has some promise.

    I would like to see color coding for different calendar events ie. personal events a different color than US Holidays.
    Or did I miss that option...
  12. companionlink

    companionlink Well-Known Member

    Hi SNeitzel,

    You can color-code you calendar events by setting up categories. Use the category manager in DejaOffice to create your categories (Personal/Business/Holidays) and assign a color, then edit the calendar event details and assign one of the categories you've created. Here's some help on getting categories set up -
  13. SNeitzel

    SNeitzel Well-Known Member

    Ok, but does that mean I have to hit every one of the items on my current Google calendar and apply the new category, manually, to each and every event? Then, do the same thing for each and every event in the US Holidays calendar? How about future events? Can I set them to a specific category by default?

    Is there a way to apply a category to an entire calendar at once?
    I also do not see the category displayed in the day, week or month view.
  14. companionlink

    companionlink Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately for now you will have to tag each event manually. Being able to automatically assign categories to separate google calendars (and have a default category) is a great idea though, we'll add this to our list of planned features.

    In the day/week/month view, each calendar item is colored with the category it is tagged with.

    Thanks for the suggestions!
  15. Nimgee

    Nimgee Member

    I am using DejaOffice and companiionlink to sync with Outlook 2007. Love, love, love it. I am a former Palm and Pocket Informant User. DejaOffice and companionlink sync have met all my needs. It takes a learning curve and you need to read the directions and set your settings. I'm completely thrilled. It even addresses the Galaxy S issue of not being able to schedule biweekly appointments. The native calendar and google calendar will not allow it. You can do it with DejaOffice. If I scheduled biweekly appointments online in google calendar it would show up as weekly on my phone. I am now exclusively using DejaOffice on my phone and syncing with Outlook. Google calendar is out of the loop. I don't work for DejaOffice. Maybe I should? I have color coded all my various appointments. I can add contacts to appointments. It syncs notes and tasks. I'm a happy user.
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  16. steelersmb

    steelersmb Well-Known Member

    I tried installing this tonight and it opens up but then I just have a black screen. Eventually, it crashes.
  17. companionlink

    companionlink Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the comments Nimgee, its always great to hear from happy users!

    steelersmb, what phone are you using? Did you download DejaOffice from the market or direct from
  18. Jethro10

    Jethro10 Well-Known Member

    I'm a bit lost here.
    does this integrate with the built in databases, ie other widgets will see the correct data (I don't think it does)
    or does it take a snapshot of the data at install and then either re-syncs now and then, or syncs to the online versions in gmail.
    Or something else?

    It's quite ambiguous and I'm a bit stuck here at the moment understanding what it is..
    It seems to have a seperate sync option?? and you have to select calendars. I don't want it to merge all my different calendars and am a bit scared!
    This "Read Android Data" bit seems to do a one way pull into this app??

    Tasks, although contacts/calendar 'seems' to sync with your google account but only some of the data it seems??, where do tasks go? google has tasks..

    And finally, the notes? how do I know these are safe/backed up. THe calendar/contacts etc. possibly are the google ones, so I have a phone and a google copy, and the possibility to export on google for a backup now and then, but this built in notes thing, it seems more exposed

    Totally confused as the web site doesn't seem a lot of help, the "Classroom" tells me to hit "Sync" but it's called "Synch" and works totally different to the walkthrough as it seems to be waiting for me to do something with USB as it enables the port somehow, but this is not described in the walkthrough.
  19. evperry

    evperry Well-Known Member

    So yours Tasks, Memos, Calendar and Contacts all sync up perfectly to your phone?

    Can you cloud sync or backup somewhere or do you have to sync up to your PC computer for back up?

    I use Apple so I need my worse case scenario to be a backup to my apple at home OR the best case is that it will cloud sync and back up somewhere (preferably Google).

    This program seems like its getting close to what I need. I really wanna get my HTC evo and call it a day.

    My current phone (windows 6.1) has the perfect back up system with something called myphone. It backs up on their servers every night. So if i loose my phone, I don't loose my data and if I forget to backup I have my most recent changes. This cloud backup is a must have now!

  20. steelersmb

    steelersmb Well-Known Member

    I have an EVO 4G and downloaded from the Market. I also just tried installing from the web site and it still didn't work.
  21. Jethro10

    Jethro10 Well-Known Member

    I agree. Standard android does this off the shelf to a gmail account.
    Loose your phone? just get another, type in your account details and your up and running.
  22. companionlink

    companionlink Well-Known Member

    Hi Jeff,

    Let's see if I can clear things up. DejaOffice uses its own database for everything - contacts, calendar, tasks and notes. You then have the option to keep the DejaOffice contacts and calendar in sync with the native Android contacts and calendar. If this option is checked, DejaOffice will automatically try to consolidate any changes whenever it is opened or a change is made. The 'Read Android Data' button forces a manual consolidation (two-way sync) with the native Android contacts and calendar.

    Now, the native Android databases can be populated with multiple "accounts". Most phones have a "Phone" account and a "Google" account in the native contacts and calendar databases. Any contact or calendar entry saved as a "Google" record will automatically sync with Google (provided you have auto-sync turned on in the Android settings). In DejaOffice, under Settings > Sync Settings, you can specify which native Android account to integrate with (such as "Google" or "Phone").

    Tasks and notes databases are local to DejaOffice, and only sync with the PC through CompanionLink. Even though Google does tasks, they don't currently provide any API for third party products to sync with.

    Finally, the "Sync" button on the DejaOffice homescreen refers to PC sync with CompanionLink. "Read Android Data" is used to sync DejaOffice with the native Android databases (this is usually automatic).

    I hope this makes sense, let me know if you have any questions!
  23. companionlink

    companionlink Well-Known Member

    Strange, our in-house EVO 4G is working just fine. It's one of the most popular phones we are currently working with, so we would have heard something if this is a common issue for EVO owners. I'm guessing there's something specific on your phone that's causing the problem.

    Any other EVO users out there with the same problem?
  24. steelersmb

    steelersmb Well-Known Member

    Would having a lot of contacts or anything like that have something to do with it?
  25. Nimgee

    Nimgee Member

    On first sync the notes and tasks were perfect. There were a few duplicates for some reason in the contacts and calendar items but once I deleted those it has worked very well on every synchronization since. As I mentioned in my first post, it's essential to read the directions and choose your synchronization settings. My aging laptop has Windows Vista 32 bit. My Outlook is 2007. Even when I used to use Palm desktop, Pocket Informant, or Blackberry Desktop there were occasional synchronization mishaps. According to other posts here you can set it up to also sync with Google but I don't do that. I have always had problems with synchronizing with the Google calendar from my phone, which is where I do most of my calendar entry. I do however sync from outlook to google calendar on my pc because I want another backup just in case.

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