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Delet Amber Alert Messge ??Support

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  1. acidblue

    acidblue Member

    How do you delete an amber alert message??

    I cannot access my messenger settings because of the amber alert message.
    It just refuses to allow me to enter the settings.

    Also How do you turn the amber alert off??

  2. mtndew76

    mtndew76 Member

    I could use this, too. Am on Metropcs. I do not know Amber and I do not need an alert.

  3. TheDemon

    TheDemon Well-Known Member Contributor

    Im not getting this message. Maybe it's from bloatware? Try removing apps like Metro App Store, Metro Easy Wifi, IntoNow, Total Protection, Metro BlockIt, Rhapsody, Sportacular,
  4. unnamedny

    unnamedny Well-Known Member

    are you talking about weather condition alerts? if yes and you are rooted you can just freeze it with titanium backup.
  5. MikeFromHC

    MikeFromHC Well-Known Member

  6. TheDemon

    TheDemon Well-Known Member Contributor

    Wait I see what they are talking about.
    Click the menu button while in the messaging app. Go all the way to the bottom and uncheck the alert.

    If you can't go to settings try clearing the app data.
  7. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    As TheDemon showed you in his screen shots, that's how you turn 'em off. I got one last night, but was able to just long press the message and was given the option to delete it.
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  8. ppglg

    ppglg Member

    Thanks for posting this information. I just had this happen on my LG Motion phone and my messaging was disabled because of it.

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