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  1. para0000

    para0000 New Member

    k...this is a bit absurd what i will ask but hope someone know how to do it.
    So i set a mp3 as a alarm ring tone. Now along the time i set a lot of mp3 as ring tones and i want to delete the cooks now. Because on the select ring tone i have all the mp3 that i set in the past and i want to delete them. I tried to go on root/system/media/audio/alarms but there are only the default phone rings.

    So if anyone can help me pls. If you need more details or you can`t understand exactly what i wanted to say pls replay and i will try to give you more.


  2. AaronICK

    AaronICK Member

    I thought all ringtones go to this location: /sdcard/ringtones

    And all notification tones go to this location: /sdcard/notifications

    If you found these locations, just delete all entries you do not want. That's it.
  3. para0000

    para0000 New Member not there....but thx for your replay
  4. para0000

    para0000 New Member

    bump anyone?
  5. AEAllen

    AEAllen Member

    /media/ringtones (and alarms & notifications)

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