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  1. droidmoto

    droidmoto Member

    How do you delete all contacts on the droid?

  2. anthonydel

    anthonydel New Member

  3. CoolKidd

    CoolKidd Member

    I, too, would like to delete all my contacts... I will not sync it with gmail and would just like to import them as CVS file.
  4. Scottyent

    Scottyent Well-Known Member

    Bump, me too!
  5. mazz0310

    mazz0310 Well-Known Member

    To reset them I unfortunately just did a factory reset. Don't know of any other way, this may not help all over you but you can also export them from google and delete them off your account, should sync and delete them all.
  6. Scottyent

    Scottyent Well-Known Member

    i tried deleting off of gmail, then sync up...but it didnt delete anything. I like that because if gmail messes up or if I accidentally delete things, I won't get rid of it on the phone.

    I ended up just deleting them all manually one by one...only 200 contacts so it wasn't terrible, but now I'm resyncing again with my corrected gmail contact list.

    Thanks for the info!
  7. murius

    murius New Member

    To delete all contacts stored on phone:

    go to settings> applications> manage applications> Contacts storage>clear data.

    This will delete all contacts in the address book.

    I had some merge issues, duplicates would not merge on phone although I kept merging in gmail contacts, so I turned off sync, deleted all contacts this way and re-synced to google contacts and all is great now!
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  8. GMay

    GMay New Member

    @murius, thank you for the post. It solved all of my contact issues. :D Thank you
  9. sguss38

    sguss38 New Member

    On my Motorola Verizon Droid there is no <contact> or <contact storage> to clear. Ver 2.0
  10. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    Set the Filter in the manage applications list to show>Filter>show all (or something similarly worded)
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  11. CorpAv8r

    CorpAv8r New Member

    Thanks murius and Redflea. That worked perfectly!
  12. florisz

    florisz Member

    Thank you so much! This worked!
    my hotmail(corporate exchange) contact sync had created many duplicates. Just by unselecting the sync and reselect. It didn't work.
    With your tip it worked fine.
    Also the contact search of my Android 2.3.4 phone didn't find some contacts that I could find by just scrolling through the list.(yes, I had checked all groups).
    Now I can find all my contacts again. :)
  13. steve e

    steve e New Member

    Gingerbread update from Verizon makes this solution not work! Verizon and Moto support have looked at phones (DroidX, Droid 2, Bionic) and they all have the option to delete all contacts disabled.

    Level 2 support at Motorola confirms that the "clear data" button under ManageApplications>ContactStorage no longer functions. They say Google did that, perhaps to force you into gmail sync instead of import from text file.

    Moto and Verizon suggest doing a factory reset on the phone (which will wipe out all settings and free apps) TO SEE IF THAT DELETES THE CONTACTS. They're not sure it will, and I haven't tried it.

    Verizon says they'll swap my DroidX for an HTC Thunderbolt, but while it has the same size screen it's not the same number of pixels...

    Or use this app:
    (which hopefully does not upload a copy of your contacts as it deletes them)
    NOTE: Contacts Storage app still shows 63MB of data after deleting all contacts!
    Google gets your data and keeps it forever. Deleting contacts manually or
    otherwise does NOT remove the contact data from the phone!!
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  14. vey

    vey Well-Known Member

    I just did this last night on my Gingerbreaded Droid. I used Titanium Backup Batch Processes.
  15. t3359

    t3359 New Member

    On Gingerbread:

    Settings -> Applications -> Storage use -> Contacts Storage -> Clear dad

  16. jclyles

    jclyles New Member

    Using Office 365 and it worked for me! Thanks!
  17. SketchyDaClown

    SketchyDaClown New Member

    murius- Thank you! That was quick, easy and painless. I appreciate it.

  18. seismo

    seismo New Member

    From Home page;
    select menu;
    storage use;
    contacts (NOT contacts storage);
    clear data
  19. bjroy92

    bjroy92 New Member

    Thank you @murius. It's amazing that something so simple was made so complicated. That was exactly what I needed.
  20. pbz

    pbz New Member

    I kept not having a successful contacts sync, and your method fixed my problem! Much better than the factory reset someone else suggested!


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