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  1. turbo2ltr

    turbo2ltr Member

    I set up an IMAP account and cant figure out for the life of me how to delete the whole account. Anyone? Thanks!

  2. shivers316

    shivers316 Godmember VIP Member

    Just hold your finger on the account you wanna delete until a menu pops up and voila!
  3. turbo2ltr

    turbo2ltr Member

    I didn't realized that long taps were not the same as the menu button! I thought (and in some cases I think they do) just bring up the menu you'd get if you hit the menu button.

  4. jabdull

    jabdull New Member

    :) very helpful hint.....Thanks
  5. themonsters

    themonsters New Member

    I`ve been searching everywhere to see how to delete an email account, thanks for the tip, it worked straightaway. :)
  6. zapjb

    zapjb Well-Known Member

  7. NJtoTX

    NJtoTX Member

    Where? I just accidentally set up a Yahoo account. I already have the Yahoo app so I don't need the yahoo account available when I click the Email button.

    When I go to Accounts and Sync, only the Yahoo app account shows up.
  8. captron

    captron New Member

    Awesome THANKS!
  9. pgroni

    pgroni New Member

    hi i have the android xperia arch, and i have delete my old email account but it wont delete off, i have tried the press and hold until that other menu pops up and that does not work.
    any suggestions please send.

    i also need to figur out how to clear off all the old emails from the junk and delete folders any ideas?

    thank s
  10. Pgearmd

    Pgearmd New Member

    Email>menu>more>settings>delete account
  11. akonweb

    akonweb New Member

    Go to Settings-Applications-Manage Applications-email-

    Click on force stop and clear data and clear cache.

    Your account information will be deleted.


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