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  1. ShellyColombiana

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    Hi! I just got my Droid yesterday and so far I like it. It was annoying that I couldn't get my Yahoo account set up, then I found instructions on the internet for the manual setup (Thank You to Smilepack, whoever you are!).
    NOW, my next problem is this: can I delete on email on the Droid without deleting it on my actual Yahoo or Gmail account?
    My BlackBerry had a "Delete on Handheld only" option. That would really be nice to have.

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    Wow! Three welcomes, and zero answers! :eek:

    I have to read between the lines here, because you mention both Gmail and Yahoo accounts.

    Using the stock (HTC) "Mail" app, there is an option (Menu -> More -> Settings -> Send and Receive) which is:

    "Delete mail on server"

    Turn it off.

    As far as the Gmail app goes, the actions you take on the phone are synchronized with the version of your mail "in the cloud"... which is what most people want... so they don't have to deal with every piece of email twice.

    But, if you want your Gmail account to act that way as well, you can use the stock (HTC) "Mail" app instead of the Gmail app to access your gmail-email.

    Log on to your Gmail account using a computer, and look at the instructions for retrieving your gmail-email with POP3 service over SSL/TLS ... and set up your "Gmail" account as a second account with the (HTC) "Mail" app following those instructions. Again, for this account, you also need to clear the toggle option

    Menu -> More -> Settings -> Send and Receive -> Delete mail on server


  6. Blue_Fedora

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    Thanks much, ErisUser1 :) I had the same question and searched for the answer. Always better to search for the answer before randomly posting the question :D

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