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  1. justin5645

    justin5645 New Member

    Hey guys I have a question, how do I select the option to delete my emails from the gmail server on a Droid (android 2.0). Any help would be great.

  2. Mrwirez

    Mrwirez Well-Known Member

    I delete my gmails online at home. I have found that if I delete them on my Droid they stay in delete forever. There is a setting for deleting pop emails but I can't find away to delete gmails from the Droid. It leaves them in "trash limbo". I prefer to leave the mail stack upon my phone and save/delete what I want at home... I believe it must be done online...
  3. eugkim

    eugkim Member

    If you don't want to clutter your email on the droid, try the K9 email app. It gives you the option to delete or not delete mail from the server. My wife and I use the same email address, so my box is full of her importat stuff which would litter my phone. Now I can delete everything on the phone and keep it on the server.
  4. Mrwirez

    Mrwirez Well-Known Member

    Thanks bro. I will give it a shot. There is a learning curve with Android ... I am slowly getting it.
  5. dtboos

    dtboos Member

    Yah K9 works for now, but I hope they implement something similar to what Blackberry has in near future updates. One of the best things was being able to get my email on my phone, and clean up what I wanted right from there with the option to delete from phone only, or delete from phone & server each time I selected to delete a message.

    Having to keep everything or else have it deleted forever is a bad implementation imo. Not many people want hundreds or thousands of emails on their phone, but DO want to keep them all online; with the added ability to delete spam ect from both at once.
  6. JcAustin

    JcAustin New Member

    I just bought a droid last night after having a blackberry for 2 years. This has immediately been my biggest concern in making the switch. I'll be checking out the K9 app soon.
  7. mabel

    mabel New Member

    hi...I just walked in on this discussion and this is the problem I am also having....I downloaded will I use this for all my email accounts now? can the email shortcut that comes on the droid be deleted?

    I have yet to play with it all...just want to understand where I am headed. I have three email accounts and will need to access them all ....I am hoping that going through K9 will do it...

    thanks for any help....

  8. jray2855

    jray2855 New Member

    I AGREE with you 100%. I once was a blackberry user and really liked that feature of having the option to delete from phone only, or delete from phone & server. Did you ever find a solution for this on the DroidX ?? Any ideas or comments would be appreciated.

    Thanks !!

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