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  1. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    If you somehow ended up with several empty or undeleteable albums in your gallery thanks to Google+ and syncing, maybe this will help. I had two, "scrapbook" and "scrapbook (drafts)". Couldn't find them, couldn't delete them, weren't visible in Google+ or anywhere else.

    The answer was Picasa. If you've ever had or used Picasa, there is a chance you've got an album there that Google is picking up and syncing.

    If so, go to

    Click on the "My Photos" tab, click on the offending album, click on the "actions" tab, and choose "delete album".

    Hope this helps!

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  2. Lohung

    Lohung Well-Known Member

    dude... thank you soooo much lol.. i needed this.

    my questions is.. i never ever used picasa.... why do i have an account? unless its just what googl+ uses

    i can see where you can get from Picasa to Googl+

    but there is no Google+ to Picasa

    thats anoying
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  3. daygo718

    daygo718 Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for the tip! I could never figure out how to delete a couple albums from my Gnex and now I can.
  4. eyc

    eyc Well-Known Member

    Oddly, I deleted the empty albums on picassa, but they still appear on my phone's gallery, even after force syncing Google Pics and Google+. How long did you have to wait to see the update?
  5. RadYOacTiVe

    RadYOacTiVe Well-Known Member

    Took about 10 seconds. I deleted from my laptop then checked my phone and refreshed the gallery and it disappeared.

  6. Lohung

    Lohung Well-Known Member

    try goign to settings... sync and uncheck google sync for the PICTURES.. then back out.. reopen sync and recheck picture sync and see if that works. google picture sync sync's when there is a change on the phone. by turning it off and then re-enabling it it should sync
  7. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    You may even have to go into settings > apps > All ..... scroll to gallery.....disable it, then do the unsync-photos, then go back to apps > All > gallery and enable it.
  8. eyc

    eyc Well-Known Member

    Did everything recommended in this thread, and also did a battery pull, but it still appears in my gallery. :( I guess I'll live with it for now.

    Edit*** Really not sure how this syncing works, in the first place. I just turned on "instant upload" on Google+ and took a picture. It uploaded almost instantly onto PICASSA, but it was nowhere to be found on Google+ (via PC). It also does not appear in my phone's gallery under uploaded pictures. Strange.
  9. Lohung

    Lohung Well-Known Member

    ya that is wierd... ;p;
  10. mburdick

    mburdick Well-Known Member

    I too cannot delete the albums from my gallery using everything mentioned in this thread. Any other ideas?
  11. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    What are the album names? Did you go to picasa online and look for them there?
  12. mburdick

    mburdick Well-Known Member

    Profile photos (drafts) and Scrapbook photos. I found them both on Picasa and deleted them yesterday or the day before. I checked today and they are still gone on my online picasa acct (0 albums) but they still exist in my Nexus Gallery even after syncing unsyncing the gallery and disabling-enabling from within the Apps menu
  13. mburdick

    mburdick Well-Known Member

    It appears I deleted them for now. I went into the settings>apps>gallery menu and cleared the 12MB of data that it had. The 2 blank albums no longer appear in my gallery
  14. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    I as going to say that you may need to go into the gallery and clear cache. (Settings>apps>all>gallery).

    Glad you solved it. That annoyed the crap out of me at the time.
  15. DavidRB

    DavidRB New Member

    Thanks so much for this help, worked perfectly!

    Dave R-B
  16. doeeyedbecky

    doeeyedbecky Member

    Thank you SO much! That was driving me BUGGY!
  17. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    If you want to keep your pictures saved to you google plus account in case you need to sync them after a restore or something BUT you wan to remove them from your gallery on your phone, you can just go into Gallery from the apps section in settings and wipe the data. This will delete all folders or pictures that are NOT saved to the internal storage. Dont worry it wont delete your pictures as long as they are saved to your internal storage. You will obviously have to turn the sync off for that option or they will sync right back to your gallery.

    Took me forever to find out where those damn picasa pictures were because I dont use google plus and I created my own contact pics for better quality. Having all your Google stuff intertwined with one another is awesome but it can be a pain sometimes as well.

    Thanks for the info Tim K. ;)
  18. chukka63

    chukka63 Well-Known Member

    i did all of the above but my cache wont clear 12.00KB grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  19. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    What are you seeing in your gallery? Google changed things around a bit recently....there's no more picasa web, everything is on Google+ now, so you have to make sure to delete things from google+, make sure you turn off instant upload, and turn off syncing google+. Then if you delete images from your gallery and clear cache they should be gone.
  20. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    12KB seems to be the lowest you can go with any application. Those might be undeletable. Although it makes no sense that Google wouldn't hide those from showing up... but since when does Google makes sense hehe.
  21. sbsoad

    sbsoad New Member

    It seems the main question is how to remove the empty Picasa album in your phones Gallery app. You can remove pics and albums on Google+ but those albums stay in your phones Gallery app. Go here if there is no delete option on these albums...
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  22. sbsoad

    sbsoad New Member

  23. chukka63

    chukka63 Well-Known Member

    Excellent and so easy and straight forward.Thx

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