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  1. BlackberrySux

    BlackberrySux Well-Known Member

    Got yet ANOTHER problem. When using hotmail everytime I delete a message from Hotmail I'll get a whole bunch of previously read message from months ago when I delete others from the hotmail inbox from the computer so I was told to fwd my emails to gmail and this would not happen and that when I delete a message from gmail it will be left on hotmail but be deleted from gmail so I dont have this resending old mail problem. Gmail is ***NOT*** deleting msgs from the server (Both fwded hotmail and regular gmail msgs) when deleted from the phone. Under settings there is an option to enable pop 3 and thats the only place I see an option to delete from server so I select that and next and then it says unable to connect to the server. Gmail is synced under sync settings. Gotta love this POS.
    Does anyone know how to delete msgs from the gmail server when deleted from the phone? I see solutions for many other phones but nothing for the Shine Plus.

  2. BlackberrySux

    BlackberrySux Well-Known Member

    Figured this out. Seems the only way to get emails deleted from the server is to use the default Gmail app that comes with the phone. In fact since Gmail comes as a standard app Gmail cannot even be added in to the email section since its already added to the phone and will come back as incorrect username or password.
    Now a new problem has come up. I have Gmail alone on its own app and hotmail and aol added to the email accounts and have hotmail added as the default account. I sent a message to AOL from Gmail and replied to the message from AOL but the reply came FROM AOL instead of hotmail. I have hotmail set as the default so should the reply not have been sent by hotmail instead of AOL since hotmail is the default account?

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