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  1. lenypl

    lenypl New Member

    i have xperia neo l. now it has 5 home screens. i want to delete 2 of it.android 4.0.4.os.in samsung its simple by touch and +\-. i try menu> add .but it has folders,applications,widgets etc . no home screen available:confused:

  2. kadimi

    kadimi Well-Known Member

    Source: scandalous copy/paste from How to remove unused Android home screens | PixelFundi Blog
  3. lenypl

    lenypl New Member

    no edit option in menu, and dragging does not working
  4. Josh-SonyXperia

    Josh-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    There are no options on this phone to set the amount of homescreens that you want. You'd need to install a launcher App from the Play Store that has that option.
  5. lenypl

    lenypl New Member

    pls name the application i have to download
  6. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Nova launcher will let you do what you want.
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  7. RomiBabyy

    RomiBabyy Member

    Its Simple Actually ... you dont need a launcher for it. All you do is use the multi touch capability. Just pinch your homescreen and the screens menu should come up. I was having the same issue but I finally found this out. :)

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