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  1. andyacecandy

    andyacecandy Well-Known Member

    I used to have a delete icon when viewing pics in my gallery. All I would have to do is tap on it to delete pics.
    Now, it's gone... and I have to either long press to select pics to delete or press menu then delete. Kind of annoying.

    Any idea how to get the delete icon back??? screenshot below (delete icon used to be in the top right with the other icons)


  2. SebaKL

    SebaKL Well-Known Member

    I'm afraid, just as androidcentral, won't be able to help you much.
    There is no such feature, can't make happen.

    Perhaps go through Play Store and find alternate gallery app to suits your needs.
  3. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    Menu+delete is the only way in the stock gallery.
    Its only one extra press, so not really a biggie is it?

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