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  1. kathirn

    kathirn Member


    I bought a SAMSUNG Galaxy phone and had set up my official mail (yahoo business mail) under E-Mail settings. And I was receiving mails for a week. Now for the last 3 days, no mails are downlaoding and when I click Email, it only shows 'Load More Messages', but on clicking nothing happens. I am think of resetting it, but dont know how to do it. I tried holding the Email and drag it to the Trash, it moves to trash, but reappears. I tried to delete the Yahoo Biz Mail credentials I had given, so as to recreate, but after clearing each field, there is no way you can save it.

    Please guide me on how to start receiving my officials mail again?


  2. psychedelic'd

    psychedelic'd Member

    You can try clearing the cache of the email app.

    settings>applications>manage applications>hit menu>filter all>scroll down to email app>clear data and cache.
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  3. kathirn

    kathirn Member


    I am still getting this problem every week. After 5 days, mail stops coming in. When I go to Manage Applications, 'Clear Cache' is always disabled. Only 'Clear Data' is enabled. I dont want to clear and recreate every week. Any other way to enable 'Clear Cache'.


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