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  1. Pentagram

    Pentagram New Member

    I posted this on XDA-Developers, asking if there was already an application for this..

    Would it be possible for this to be developed?

    Perhaps with a checkbox for applications if you want to delete their SD card data.

    Thanks :)

    Sorry for first post application request.. I only just found these forums by searching android application request.

  2. Aluxian

    Aluxian Active Member

    I have this problem too, and I think there are many others out there looking for such an app. I'm a beginning developer and I have an idea about how such an app would work. I think I'll try it :)
  3. Pentagram

    Pentagram New Member

    Good luck! :) I expect it will be well downloaded.

    I tried SD-Maid, but it didn't delete the folders, nor the contents of old data..
  4. Aluxian

    Aluxian Active Member

    Actually it's quite impossible to do, there are no ways to tell what each app does unless the user links each app with it's folder (which is pointless and worse than deleting those folders manually).

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