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Delete pictures in phone?Support

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  1. Tanqueray

    Tanqueray New Member

    Hello. When I was first playing with my Galaxy Ace I managed to transfer a folder of pictures to the phone's memory - not the SD card. I have checked this by removing the card and all my new pictures vanish but the folder's pictures are still there.

    When I view them in Gallery there is no Delete button for these images and I cannot locate them via Kies. Any ideas please for deleting the folder and freeing some memory in the phone. Thanks.

  2. cshetty23

    cshetty23 New Member

    Hi.. the problem here may be with ur photos being synced with picasa web albums.. If that is the case then delete button will not be shown. If this is the case, then just go to the settings menu, then go to 'accounts and sync' option.. Go to 'Manage Accounts' and select your Gmail account from the diff accs shown.. Then Unmark the 'Sync Picasa Web Album' option.
  3. Hunmanby Dave

    Hunmanby Dave New Member

    I also had this problem as a 70 year old no idea what to do but followed your instructions and HEY PRESTO! problem solved. Thank you cshetty23

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