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  1. Irenec

    Irenec Member

    Hi there, when I try to delete widgets from the widget screen the trash can goes red but the widget is still on the screen, can anyone help please it's driving me mad.

  2. artistasur

    artistasur Active Member

    Yes, I have the same issue
  3. SithLord0498

    SithLord0498 Member

    Try hovering the widget over the trash can for a second after it turns red.

    I've noticed that the Galaxy Tab is very fickle with deleting widgets. On my Droid X and now Bionic, I can flick the widget or icon toward the top of the screen, and it goes in the trash can. On the Tab, you essentially have to walk the widgets and icons by the hand up to the trash can and make sure they go in. :rolleyes:

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