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deleted apn and can't add new one-help pleaseSupport

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  1. moparqueen

    moparqueen Member

    Ok so I got an unlocked inspire off ebay(my 1st smart phone) to use with straight talk.In order to use the data on straight talk I had to add their apn.I did but I could only get on internet with wi-fi.I called and the girl I talked to told me to delete these 2 extra values that I didn't need.She said if nothing changed I could put the 2 values back on.When I rebooted the phone the enitire straight talk apn was gone and There is no where for me to add one.How can I fix this?Straight talk said they can't help me and htc told me the same thing.GGRRR Can someone PLEASE help me???

  2. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    Check the link in my signature line for straight talking a android phone, but remember you need to use your wifi to download a app called "APN backup and Restore."
    Without that app you can't access your apns to reset them to STs settings.
    The link provides the APN settings for the old Nokia swap and the APNs for that might work if your sim is a ATT sim or it will work if you are doing a Nokia swap to Android.
    Hope this helps.
    Sorry about that. Wrong forum, give me a second to get the directions for you.
  3. moparqueen

    moparqueen Member

    I figured how to add the apn but it's still not working.I am not smartphone or computer savvy sorry if I sound dumb.If I have a signal I should be able to get on inet right?

    There are 2 other apn's on my phone-media net and MMS do I need to delete these?
  4. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    Ok here your go.

    A few months back another member posted these directions but I have no idea where that was. If you have a TMobile sim from Straight Talk just follow these directions but use the APN settings provided with your TM sim card.
  5. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    The above directions are courtesy of another forum, but since some forums do not like other forums being mentioned or linked in their forum and I don't know how this forum feels about that stuff I am leaving that information out, but will give it on request.
  6. moparqueen

    moparqueen Member

    not to sound too dumb BUT Do I have to go buy a nokia phone?
  7. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    No question is dumb if asked in sincerity. And the direct answer is no.
    Lets go over what you already have to be sure you have everything you need first.
    In your first post you said.

    So this says you have your Android phone.
    This means you talked to someone at ST
    But just to be sure, let me ask if you have a straight talk sim? If you bought one from the ST web sight for 15.00 you do not need to buy a Nokia phone as the Nokia phone at a time was the only way to get a unlocked StraightTalk sim card that could be used in a third party phone.
    If you do have a Straight Talk sim, what provider is it through, is it through AT&T or T Mobile. I know you will have gotten it through ST but the sim receives service through one of those two providers.
    Next is you have a HTC Inspire, this is a ATT phone so you will need to be sure you have a ATT sim, if you have a T Mobile sim you will have to get the HTC Inspire unlocked before the TM sim will work in it. Even then your data speeds may not be their best, so lets hope that you have a ATT sim.
    Once you have your ducks in a row, those being, the phone, a ATT sim, the next thing is to be sure the sim is activated, this should already be done or when you talked to ST they would have told you your sim was not active, next, using your wifi go to the Android Play Store and down load the "APN backup and Restore" app, and then follow the directions above.

    I was thinking about this earlier and it occurred to me that it may be necessary to do a factory restore on the phone before doing these things to get the original APNs back before using the app.
    There are other apps you can use to change the APNs but "APN Backup and Restore" is the one most often recommended.
  8. moparqueen

    moparqueen Member

    first,I want to thank you for your help!!!Yes it is a sincere question.

    Yes I have an att straight talk sim.Everything on the phone works but the data so I'm pretty sure it's active.

    If I do a factory restore I will loose everything(apps,ppl ect.) I have put on the phone right?

    The other 2 apn's I can not delete or mofify so should I really reset?

    Thanks again for helping me out!!
  9. ljfnky

    ljfnky Active Member

    I'm with straight talk and I use this apn setting
    name= Staright Talk
    apn= att.mvno
    proxy= leave blank
    port= 80
    mmsc= http://mmsc.cingular.com
    mms proxy=
    port= 80

    This works for my inspire hope it helps you.
  10. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    ATT sim you purchased from ST. Your sure all your APNs are correct? Be sure periods in the settings above are periods on your phone etc.
    I have heard that HTC phones have more trouble than others, I know I had a HTC Aria and everything worked except picture messages. Handsent app will do it when the phone wont.
    If the APNs provided by ljfnky don't work I am at a loss. Hopefully someone who knows more can swing in and help.
  11. ljfnky

    ljfnky Active Member

    It does work for me and actually the apn from Straight Talk that I got with the sim card worked for me but last week for unknown reasons it stopped working I messed around with it for a couple of days contacted Straight Talk they said this--->Hi Les. We have checked the programming of your phone and it is provisioned correctly. Please try to contact your phone's manufacturer or contact your old service provider or your may also refer to your phone's manual for the APN settings. Thanks.

    Thank you for being our customer.

    I knew it wasn't my phone I recently bought it brand new off amazon. Since I was on my own with this issue I tried different configurations and it didn't work. I also tried a app called Tweakker from the market, it worked but as soon as I toggled wifi on/off data was lost again so I deleted the apn that Tweakker had made and then used the apn I posted above and it worked and has been for the last 5 days, I also emailed back to Straight Talk the apn settings that worked.
    With the original apn from the sim card activation card I sometimes had to toggle airplane mode when I switched from data to wifi to get data to work but with the settings above It seem's I don't have to do that anymore.
  12. moparqueen

    moparqueen Member

    The apn I entered have been the same as ljfnky has and I also put in what straight has which is the same but with proxy-proxy.mvno.tracfone.com

    I've done it both ways and neither works.I contact straight talk and get the same line as ljfnky.I'm soon gonna say the hell with it and just use wi-fi when I can.I will say I already miss verizon due to signal strength SUCKS with att!!!But my bill is WAY cheaper with ST.
  13. ljfnky

    ljfnky Active Member

    Did you try the Tweakker app from the android market ? I should have wrote the apn down when I tested it but I didn't. I just didn't continue using Tweakker apn cause it didn't work with wifi on my phone for some reason or another but I've read others have had luck with it on theirs.

    I hope you get it figured out and when you do get it working please post your working apn settings.

    "Note" I did use apn backup and restore from the android market to backup then delete the two locked apn's on my phone so all I have is the one single Straight Talk apn
  14. moparqueen

    moparqueen Member

    I'm getting closer!! I got the apn backup and restore app,deleted the 2 apn's that were on the phone added the ST apn less proxy part and now when I try inet I no longer get the error message about needing inet connection oe wifi. GETTIN THERE.

    Now I'll try that tweakker apn.
  15. moparqueen

    moparqueen Member

    tweakker didn't work
  16. ljfnky

    ljfnky Active Member

    That's weird Tweakker worked on my phone but like I said it didn't work well with switching back and forth from wifi so I deleted that apn.
    Did you re-try the apn from the sim activation card?
  17. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    Ok you tried it less the proxy, have you tried it with the proxy? While the ATT sim I have came from my Noka E71 the settings in the post I made with the APN directions worked for everything except MMS/picture messaging. And that was a known issue with HTC phones.
    If you have a min, can you get the card out that came with your ATT sim and look at the APNs they gave you and check them against the ones in my post or better yet, Can you post here what the APN settings are that they provided to you. I know what the T Mobile APNs are because I have a TM phone that I purchased one of the sims for, and I know what the Nokia/ATT/APNs are because of my first ST phone and the post above, but I don't know what the APNs are for the ST/ATT/sim are, they may be the same as those above, and they may be different.
    So.... if you can post the APNs that came on the card that came with your sim it would be nice.
  18. ljfnky

    ljfnky Active Member

    apn setting from Straight Talk sim activation card and from Support | Straight Talk

    This is apn from sim activation card

    NAME Straight Talk
    APN att.mvno
    PROXY proxy.mvno.tracfone.com
    PORT 80
    MMSC http://mmsc.cingular.com
    MMS PORT 80

    This is apn from Straight Talk link above

    NAME straight talk
    APN att.mvno
    PROXY proxy.mvno.tracfone.com
    PORT 80
    MMSC http://mmsc.cingular.com
    MMS PORT 80

    One difference with the Straight Talk sim activation card is the S and the T in Straight Talk are capital letters S and T but on the support link above they are shown in lower case. "I have read that some phones are case sensitive".

    note. the apn I'm using that works for me is without the proxy.mvno.tracfone.com and Straight Talk is with a capital S and T
  19. moparqueen

    moparqueen Member

    FINALLY got it to work.Don't know how since I used this apn like 3 times prior with no result.I think the phone is screwed up.It shuts down every morning at least 4 times most mornings a lot more.But anyway I'm using the same apn as ljfnky=

    Name=Straight Talk
    mms proxy=
    mms port=80

    Phone shut down while typing this :(
  20. ljfnky

    ljfnky Active Member

    Well that's great that you got your data working... but that shutting down crap would drive me crazy. My question is it shutting down completely and you have to manually restart it ? or is it shutting down and restarting on it's own ?
  21. moparqueen

    moparqueen Member

    It shuts down then restarts itself.Yes it is driving me CRAZY!!Funny part is it has only done it first thing in the morning.Yesterday it did it 7-8 times in a row.

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