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    Jul 26, 2012
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    Hello all, new here, and new to owning a tablet...

    I just got this tablet a few days ago. Before I could even add events to the calendar I had to set it up with my google account. Once everything was setup, I could create events and they were showing on my tablet but not listed in the online google calendar...not really an issue as I would just rather have everything stored on my tablet anyways.

    Today I added another event, however, once I hit done to enter the event on the calendar it wasn't showing up and all of my other events were gone. I can add something on the online calendar, hit refresh on my tablet, and the event displays on the tablet, but the events I have created on my tablet are not displaying online, yet remain in the tablet. I can even delete the events created online from my tablet and they delete from the online calendar as well.

    I want to try and figure out what the problem is so that events that I create wont be deleted anymore. One of the main reasons for even getting this is to keep up with all the appointments that I have lined up instead of having them all on a writing calendar. Thanks for any help with this issue.

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    Apr 8, 2012
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    This is a great site. Wish they would allow links to competitor sites. Alot of development and discussion concerning the Coby ICS Tablets at other sites, but I can give you the link. sorry.

    (This site wont allow linke to the website > Android...Tablets...Dot...Net)

    So, Just GOOGLE:

    Coby Generation 3 or Custom ROM for Coby Kyros 9742 or Custom ROM for Coby Kyros 7042

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