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  1. jeeptrekker

    jeeptrekker Member

    Does anyone know how to make the 7.0 Plus (version 3.2) delete emails from the Gmail server that I delete from my Tab? Composing and responding to emails is no problem, but when I delete emails from my Tab, they remain on my Gmail web mail.

    With my HTC Evo 4G phone, this is easily accomplished through the "Settings" walk-through for each email account.

  2. jschlis

    jschlis Active Member

    I am also curious about this. Anyone?
  3. sulasno

    sulasno Well-Known Member

    accounts and sync
    google accounts
    is Sync Gmail checked ?
  4. jschlis

    jschlis Active Member

    Yes sync is checked. I deleted the cache and it seems to be working.

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