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deleted LGHome.apkSupport

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  1. computerwhizmr

    computerwhizmr New Member

    a few days ago i deleted the stock browser (replaced with opera mobile), the stock launcher (replaced with go launcher ex), and several other stock apps. earlier today I was fooling around and accidently did a factory reset. now im left with just the notifications bar and a black background when i turn on my phone. Any help would really be appreciated!

  2. mussio

    mussio Well-Known Member

    think you have have to re flash a rom or maybe adb push the launcher apk but not sure.
  3. tahoka hodge

    tahoka hodge New Member

    how do you reflash
  4. Tekpedia

    Tekpedia Member

    There is a custom restor procedure that is designed to rollback the Vortex to 2.2 and not 2.2.2. I put up a link in the Vortex-All Things Root. I think the post is titled 'I broke the endless loop' or something to that affect. Anyway, its a semi envolved proceedure, but it works and will take your phone back to out of the box condition. I didnt upgrade back to 2.2.2 as Z4 works really well for 2.2 Hope this helps.
  5. allnewryan1

    allnewryan1 New Member

    i did this not too long ago. what you need is:
    a headset with a button
    mp3 files on a sd card
    internet access (3G/Wifi)

    click the headset button until your music comes on then pull down the notification bar and click on the music tab thing. go to albums or songs, press and hold an album/song until the menu pops up. click search and choose browser. from there you can google launcherpro apk, click an appropriate link and when you finally get to the download link a dialog should pop up that has the options of download and execute. click execute and shazam you have your launcher back

    give me a thanks if this helped you!

    EDIT: must connect to wifi or activate phone before attempting this (to make sure the noobs dont get confused)

    ANOTHER EDIT: (OP) your in quite a predicament without your browser... i believe the phrase is "F**KED"

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