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  1. K-Tak

    K-Tak Member

    Hi All,
    Hoping someone could help me with this weird issue I seem to be having with my HTC Desire Z.

    I've deleted some photos/videos on the phone (stored on the memory card) and it goes away but then after a period of time has gone by I go back into the media gallery and the photos/videos look like they are back (except they are no viewable anymore).

    Any idea why this may be occuring or how I can resolve it?

    The other issue is when I take photos on the phone, the images will appear for a bit and then disappear. However, when I connect the phone to the PC, all the photos are there. This also occurs for videos that I have copied onto the phone. They appear for a short time then they disappear but are visible when I plug the phone in.

  2. terencela

    terencela Member

    Having the same issue here, not sure what's causing it.
  3. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    This sounds like a problem with the thumbnail images not being correctly updated. A reboot may correct things, as the memory card is scanned for new/altered media during start-up.
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  4. K-Tak

    K-Tak Member

    It's as Slug has advised, doing anything which scans the memory card seems to solve the issue. (Plugging it into the usb and enabled disk mode then unplugging it is similar to rebooting I suppose).

    I rebooted and haven't experienced the issue again yet. We'll see how it goes.
  5. PumpDrivrx

    PumpDrivrx Well-Known Member

    I have been having a problem with deleting pics from the phones gallery menu/windows,file viewer via USB/and i even removed the sd card plugged it in to my computer wiped the photos from it, all these tasks resulted in the phone automaticlly putting them back on the sd card where i do not want them.

    just when i think i have gotten rid of them,??? there they are right back where i deleted them from.

    only thing i have not tried is factory reset, but why the hell should i have to do that, really that is a backwards way of deleting files.

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