Deleted something on home screen, how do I get it back?

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  1. Caker

    Caker Well-Known Member

    So I was personalizing my phone today, when I removed the "Add a Contact" bar from the second screen to the left. No problem. I'll go look in the "+" categories and find it. I can't.

    Any ideas how to get it back?

    If you haven't changed any of the screens, scroll to the one just left of the first home screen...that bar.

  2. Twosted

    Twosted Active Member

    It is a widget called "people".
  3. Mateo

    Mateo Well-Known Member

    + > Add Widget > People > option 2
  4. Caker

    Caker Well-Known Member

    I did this, but I just want an option to Add a Contact. Not a specific group.
  5. Mateo

    Mateo Well-Known Member

    Yeah it will ask you what group but if you select "favorites" it will pop up on the screen just as it was when you turned it on. Its a widget to quickly access people you talk to most.
  6. hopalee

    hopalee Well-Known Member

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  7. Caker

    Caker Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that!

    Helped me out perfectly!...end of thread.
  8. Mabster

    Mabster Well-Known Member

    if you want to add just one contact to a home screen without using the Favorites widget use + > shortcut > direct dial

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