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Deleted the font folder...

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  1. rre_za

    rre_za Member

    well one my friend have problem with his HTC Tattoo while he was trying to delete a font from font folder he accidentally deleted the FONT FOLDER now his phone is not working...

    is there anyway to fix this problem ?

  2. samski

    samski Active Member

    o laud... maybe factory reset?
  3. rre_za

    rre_za Member

    how i can hard Reset HTC Tattoo ?
  4. samski

    samski Active Member

    settings -> Sd-card and phone storage -> factory reset

    ive never done it, but it sounds like the sol'd to your problem...
  5. rre_za

    rre_za Member

    phone was not working... so i couldnt just go to setting and...

    i tried to copy the font folder via android commander and it solved my problem

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