Deleteing a personnal Dvd movie from a Nexus 7 tablet

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  1. nryans34expres

    nryans34expres New Member

    Newie, here I have a new nexus 7 tablet. I transferred a personnal DVD to the Nexus 7 tablet. Now i want to remove the personnal dvd movie from the nexus 7. No clue, how to remove it. No support from goggle. I remove the nexus the movie from my laptop. I tried to sync the nexus 7, but the movie is stll therre. Does nyone know how to delete the movie.


  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Go to gallery, select the movie, press the delete icon near the top of the screen. Looks like a trash bin
  3. nryans34expres

    nryans34expres New Member

    ok, where is the gallery, and I also Do Not have a trash can to delete it to. At the top of the screen.

  4. Hey nryans34expres
    Since your Nexus 7 have android OS, there will be a gallery icon in the menu of your smart device (from where you use to watch the videos and images stored in the memory). Search for the movie you wish to delete, without opening the file touch on the movie file it will show a pop-up window, select delete. The movie you wish to erase will be deleted from memory.
  5. nryans34expres

    nryans34expres New Member

    Daniel; Thanks that did it, the movie is gone. Now I know how that's done. It's funny, because I called google support several times yesterday, and They had no Clue how to delete a movie, and it's their product.

    Thank You,

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