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  1. JohnMcClane

    JohnMcClane Well-Known Member

    I accidentally added two additional home screens (yes, I am an idiot today. lol)

    However, I cannot figure out how to remove them? Anyone figure this out yet?

  2. matt190191

    matt190191 Well-Known Member

    When your on your main homescreen just press the menu button (Next to the back button) and just remove the one's you don't want. alternatively you can 'pinch out' and it will show you your home screens.

    Hope this helps

  3. JohnMcClane

    JohnMcClane Well-Known Member

    TY TY TY buddy!! One of those days, I should have tried that...
  4. matt190191

    matt190191 Well-Known Member

    No problem :)

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