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  1. Offeiriad

    Offeiriad New Member

    I just bought an LG Optimus Slider last night and somehow when I connected it to my laptop to charge it, some of the photos on my laptop ended up on the phone. They aren't on the micro-SD card, yet they show up in the gallery. These are not photos I want just anyone picking up my phone to see. I cannot figure out how to remove them from the gallery. Plugging it in is not working because there's no file that shows up. I've tried touching and holding my finger on the photo, but nothing comes up that says 'delete photo'.


    Update: I have finally managed to get a delete option to show up, but it disappears when I try to select photos to delete. If I keep my finger on a group of photos a delete option eventually shows up, but then I remove my finger to select the group of photos (green check mark) the delete option disappears.

  2. Offeiriad

    Offeiriad New Member

    I figured it out all on my own. It happened when I did a factory reset and yet the photos returned. Only they didn't reappear until I synced my Gmail with the phone. I then realised the photos must have to do with that. I thought about the kinds of photos they are and realised they all appeared at one point or another on old blogs of mine that I had on Blogger - which Google owns. Even though the blogs were gone, the photos remained in my Google Picaso account. I deleted a lot of them and when I accessed the syncing option on my phone I discovered you can control how much of your Gmail account stuff is synced with the phone. I unchecked the Picaso folder and the remaining photos disappeared instantly.

    I hope this can remain in case others have similar questions.
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  3. LovenLoss

    LovenLoss New Member

    Fantastic, thank you so much. I've been trying to figure out how to delete those photo for what it seems like forever!!!.

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