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  1. lazylump

    lazylump New Member

    I have entered some incorrect words that my Xperia Mini Pro has learnt in my first week of use. After that, even though I've unchecked the "Learn Words" option in Settings > Language & keyboard settings > International Keyboard settings > Text Input settings, but these words keep popping up when I type any messages, and it is very irritating getting these instead of valid words.

    I've tried looking up these incorrect words in Settings > Language & keyboard settings > User dictionary. But even that is empty, so I can't delete them from there.

    How do I delete these incorrect words so that they stop popping up in suggestions? I'm finding it very irritating to type messages because of this.

  2. snowman1

    snowman1 Member

    go to settings > language and keyboard> user dictionary. tap on the words you dont want and delete them.

    hope it works
  3. lazylump

    lazylump New Member

    As I said, my User dictionary is empty and so I can't delete any words :(

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