Deleting Individual email in gmail conversation using Android

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  1. GregoryTy

    GregoryTy New Member

    Using a Samsung Galaxy 3 (Android) and Gmail, can someone show me specifically how to delete an individual email in a conversation without deleting the entire conversation. Help would be appreciated.

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Welcome GregoryTy, glad to have you here!

    Hopefully i can help you with the issue you are having.

    Hope this helps, if it doesn't feel free to respond here or post a new thread here in the Lounge about it.

    Thanks for joining! :D
  3. GregoryTy

    GregoryTy New Member

    Thanks-this works on the Gmail web version but I don't see this option on the Android version. Have you tried this-especially on a Galaxy s3 or on another Android?

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