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Deleting Phone Contacts without deleting from Facebook?Support

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  1. brentbarrie

    brentbarrie Member

    I recently synced my Facebook contact to my phone so that I could have their Facebook pic as the pic on my phone. I do not want to have all my Facebook contacts in my Phone. I tried deleting them from my phone but it says that I have to delete them from Facebook in order to do so. I was wondering if there is a way to bypass this?

  2. jimdroid

    jimdroid Well-Known Member

    You can always clear your Contacts Storage data and resync; that would have no effect whatsoever on your Facebook contacts.

  3. brentbarrie

    brentbarrie Member

    How do I do that and what will it do?
  4. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Well-Known Member

    Go to your contacts, Hit Menu, then More, then MAnage Accounts.

    There you should be able to remove Facebook from your contacts.
  5. jradicle11

    jradicle11 That Guy VIP Member

    Also what I would suggest. You just have to readd your account when you're finished.
  6. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    I'm unclear how doing above will help...since he will still has the Facebook account set up on his phone, it's going to resync his FB accounts to his phone again after he clears them, since on the D2 you can't choose to only sync contacts that you already have on your phone.

    So he clears data from Contacts and resyncs...all the same stuff will just come back from Facebook again, won't it?

    And I guess even if it didn't resync Facebook, once he clears Contacts data he's lost all his contacts pictures he wanted from Facebook.

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding...
  7. brentbarrie

    brentbarrie Member

    Right. Ill just deal with having all the contacts I guess. Not a big deal.
  8. jimdroid

    jimdroid Well-Known Member

    Disable the Facebook account syncing:


    Then delete the contacts file:

    HomScreen->Menu->Settings->Applications->Manage_Applications->Contacts_Storage->clear data.

    This totally erases your contacts data on your phone, giving you a chance to start afresh with syncing contacts.

    Note: If you are the least bit unsure about how to do this, then don't. Before you do this, make sure your gMail contacts are backed up on your computer.

    Note 2: I've done this dozens of time (I'm beta testing some PIM applications) with no problem whatsoever.

    Note 3: Read Note 1.

  9. curtix

    curtix Member

    Just tried this and it doesnt work for me.
    Im on 2.2 and my menu goes:
    HomeScreen->Menu->Settings->Accounts->Facebook->username / password & remove
    No mention of synch anywhere.
    Any help
  10. drpepper1324

    drpepper1324 New Member

    my bad about digging up an old thread, but this forum came up in my searches while looking for a solution.

    JimDroid had it pretty close.

    first off i'll say that skype was keeping me from deleting this particular contact, so i deleted the app because it wouldn't let me delete the account under account/sync (and clicking on skype)

    I did not however, clear data as jimdroid suggested.

    second, tango was renaming the same contact and infact making double information under the same contact. this was resolved simply by deleting the tango account under account/sync and clicking tango

    for others with similar problems but these instructions are not helping with... goto the contact in question and under the number will be the apps that are affecting the deletion.

    Mine had the number then below was skype, tango, facebook, and so on.
    i don't believe facebook was giving me the problem. simply find which apps are listed under that contact and unsynce or rather "delete account" under accounts/sync

    good day to ya.

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