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  1. cant find out how to delete recent contacts in samsung infuse from text message list, anybody know how?

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  2. Russell C

    Russell C Member

    Hi I have been asking the same question and so far no answer. Hope someone knows.
  3. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Well-Known Member

    From the home screen, click on the messaging app to open it.

    Once open, hit the menu key and choose delete.

    That will take you to a screen with a list of your messages.

    There will be check boxes there. Just check the ones you want to delete.

    It has one for all, and separate ones for each individual message.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers :)
  4. Russell C

    Russell C Member

    Hi doing that is not the problem. After you delete your text messages. When you want to do a new text you hit the bar at the top that says New Message compose new message there is a button for recent. How do you remove them. It will not allow you to open the menu screen.
  5. I talked with a tech from samsung, he said as of right now there is no way to clear recent contacts in the messaging screen, (dont make sense to me) but guess we have to live with it, must have been an oversite on samsungs part.; Maybe they will come up with an update soon.
  6. Russell C

    Russell C Member

    Thank you for the update. If I hear anything I will post something.
  7. jeikumar

    jeikumar New Member

    click the phone option in home screen and goto logs. delete the appropriate log and your recent list would be cleared
  8. I have tried that, it dont delete recent contacts from messaging, still has all contacts when you tap on new message then recent , all contacts still there.
  9. jeikumar

    jeikumar New Member

    well, though im not using infuse, i thought the procedure should be common for all android versions/device. Mine is galaxy ace, Gingerbread 2.3.4 and deleting the list from logs does clear the recent from messaging... May be someone else could shed some light.
  10. Has anybody figured out how to delete these recent contacts in messaging yet?
  11. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    I can only think of one reason why this would be relevant...and if that is the case you should really check into some of the "privacy" messaging apps on the market. There are no logs etc...

    also...have you tried going this

    1st back up any msgs you want to keep with the app sms backup and restore

    then from the home screen

    menu.settings.applications.manage.all. find messaging and clear data.


    It's ok...I won't judge you :p
  12. It has nothing to do with privacy on my part, if you have more than one number for a contact one is a cell phone and the other a land line, it stores both numbers in recent contacts, so when you send a text you may tap wrong contact and send message to a land line instead of the cell phone, there has a to be a way to clear the log.
  13. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    hrm...mine does not operate this way...

    open messaging, press compose, press default number for that contact shows and only that number shows ..


    are you referring to when you start typing their name and it pulls up a list of all methods to contact them?

    that can not be changed that I am aware of and has been the way every smart phone I have used has worked since the original windows pda's back in 2000-2001
  14. Salmerin

    Salmerin New Member

    Just had the same problem and found a solution to this. The recent contacts are essentially stored in (you guessed it, under ...) Contacts. So to get rid of it, go to Contacts --> History Tab, then Menu and either Delete all or select the ones you don't want!

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  15. Thanks for the info, i tried that and still the recent contacts are there.
  16. bryanlee1981

    bryanlee1981 Member

    Try the app "History Eraser". There is an option to do what you are asking. Hope that works.
  17. jmmac11

    jmmac11 New Member

    Thanks Salmerin. your solution does work. samsung charge.
  18. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Ok...on my infuse (not stock...custom rom)

    i opened contacts.
    clicked history
    clicked menu
    clicked delete
    a pop up came up i clicked ok
    taken to a screen of all recent contacts and selected all
    click delete
    confirmed delete
    Backed out of contacts
    opened messaging
    clicked compose
    clicked recent
    all gone

    you guys tried that and it did not work?
  19. I dod just what you said, it deleted some but not all, i wonder if it has something to do with how the contact is stored, like to phone or google or ????
  20. oceanic

    oceanic New Member

    i know its a dead thread but i came across same problem and might have found the solution and mistake being made.

    If a contact is stored in both the Sim and the phone and Google accounts. It has to be deleted from all 3 otherwise it keeps showing up in these little places.

    If you primarily save all your contacts to the phone, but most likely still have some of your contacts still saved on teh sim card, it will keep showing.
  21. jamesonbaker22

    jamesonbaker22 New Member

    I have tried everything that y'all have said but one thing either deletes my calls history or my messages with people, not my recent contacts. What if this contact isn't even in my contacts? The couple of messages above me are saying that it could be because contacts are saved into different places on the phone. If this contact isn't even in my phone then how would I be able to delete it?
  22. Lombardi

    Lombardi Well-Known Member

    Oh u have your mailbox synced with google and all that, I read the whole thread and dint know wtf u were talking about. I don't have my accounts synced so mine does not do any of the stuff your talking about
  23. animalbmx92

    animalbmx92 New Member

    just got my infuse a couple hours ago, i like it, and this is my only issue is not being able to delete recent messaged contacts, is there any way at all, talking bout numbers i dont have saved anywhere it's just the number, is there anyway at all
  24. BeakerSteve

    BeakerSteve Member

    My Galaxy S2 has the same or similar problem. When I try to select a contact for text messaging, I am presented with a huge list of numbers that I have historically called. I cannot delete them.

    Somewhere I think, from what I have read, there is a Save To Contacts option. Where is it?

    And how do I delete these saved Contacts, because they do not appear in my contacts?

    Thanks in anticipation
  25. BeakerSteve

    BeakerSteve Member

    Just found that I can delete all the unwanted contacts using Kies.

    How do Is top the phone from saving Contacts without asking me first though?

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