Deleting saved suggested words for SMS

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  1. Sammy

    Sammy Member

    For example, I accidentally typed and added the word 'ti' to the dictionary whilst trying to actually type in 'to'. Now everytime I go to write 'to', it assumes that I want 'ti'.

    Is there any way of editting the saved words so that I can delete these types of words?

  2. itsmoirob

    itsmoirob Well-Known Member

    Good question. I've asked the HTC Twitter people. I'll let you know if there is a reply.
  3. Quazar

    Quazar Well-Known Member

    Any response on this?
  4. bone

    bone Member

    I would like to know this too
  5. gnarlyDUCK

    gnarlyDUCK Well-Known Member

    If i may add a question regarding predictive text....

    1. Is it possible to turn on/off predictive text on all text fields?
    (Some text fields, such as username, i would benefit if it would predict text, but it doesnt).
  6. alee

    alee Member

    I dont know of a way to edit the dictionary. But, you can delete all saved words by going into settings/ applications/touch input and selecting clear data...
    For now I believe that is the only way to do it.
  7. itsmoirob

    itsmoirob Well-Known Member

    Not heard back from Twitter @HTC

    I've now sent an email to customer support to see if I get a response that way.
    Will let you know when I hear back from them.
  8. Jumeira_johnnny

    Jumeira_johnnny New Member

    This does work. But it does wipe them all. Not a huge loss, but annoying.
  9. SamXp

    SamXp Well-Known Member

    Subscribing for solution. I am so tired of it suggesting "id" for "of".
  10. JoeC

    JoeC Well-Known Member

    I had already inquired to HTC about this particular issue and about adding addtional language keyboards...this is the response:

    Thank you for your inquiry about the HTC Hero. I understand the importance of being able to use additional keyboards on the device. I will be more than happy to address this for you. Unfortunately, there is not a way to add additional keyboards to the devices. If you require symbols for certain letters, you may tap and hold the letter in question and select the accent from the pop up menu.
    The user dictionary can only have entries added to it. You can do this while typing a new word, tapping on the "+" button.

    I hope we have answered your questions in detail. Feel free to contact us again if you have any further technical inquiries. Thank you for contacting HTC Technical Support.
  11. SamXp

    SamXp Well-Known Member

    So you have to be ridiculously careful when saving words to the dictionary. Or else you'll have to delete it ALL and start over.
  12. mez

    mez Well-Known Member

    Hey can you just point this out again, I cant find this menu in the sms settings or in the main settings from the home screen.

    im running 1.5 and build is it different in this version?

  13. alee

    alee Member

    From Home:
    Press Menu
    Select settings
    Select applications
    Select manage applications
    Select touch input
    Select clear data.

    My build is 1.29.651.1
    Firmware 1.5

    This is for the sprint hero.
    On other version of the hero I believe you can edit the dictionary.
  14. JoeC

    JoeC Well-Known Member

    Nope. As indicated in this thread, the stock user dictionary is not editable.
  15. mez

    mez Well-Known Member

    thanks I found it. I'll have to keep on that i keep adding words by mistake all of the time.
  16. ianr

    ianr Well-Known Member

    You can stop a word being added by hitting the "return" button after the first letter. Not as good as actually editing the dictionary but it can stop it adding a weird word if you catch it beforehand.
  17. 3jsquared

    3jsquared New Member

    I needed to know this as well so thanks to all for the info. BUT, it really blows that you can't edit the dictionary. What the huh?!
  18. h0ws0fpain

    h0ws0fpain Member

    Thanks for this...
    Was typing a messsage to my dad about his team possibly picking up Vick and instead of Vick another word came up. Sent it without checking it first like a moron.
  19. Hrochnick

    Hrochnick Well-Known Member

    Just trying to look for the dictionary to delete words (cos even though I know you can't, that's madness) and I discovered something I didn't know...

    Did you know you can move the position of the little suggestion box by long pressing on it? Quite handy really, I always found the default position got in the way slightly of the send button. Not any more!

    Edit... actually not so hot, it went back to the default position next time I unlocked the phone. Bummer.
  20. danfleisher

    danfleisher New Member

    In case you guys didn't figure it out by now, in software 1.2 you go to Settings -> Language & Keyboard -> Touch Input -> User Dictionary -> and then proceed to add, delete, or edit any of your custom words.
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  21. dedon

    dedon New Member

    just want to thank you for that posting, I did not realize it and it is very helpful
    - now they need to allow us to modify the WHOLE dictionary...
  22. ryanflyin5

    ryanflyin5 New Member

    Hey guys, how do you do this in the HTC sensation? Wow nevernind, you can edit them on this devise! Just follow directions above! Thanks!
  23. xsylus

    xsylus Member

    I'm not sure about HTC phones since I've never owned one, but I do have another Android phone and you can access the individual dictionary words by going to

    Code (Text):
    1. menu > settings > language & keyboard > user dictionary
    What's weird is that some of the suggestions that show up in my messaging app aren't listed in the dictionary. I have no idea where those are coming from or how to remove some of them. :confused:
  24. mikeyboi92

    mikeyboi92 New Member

  25. arragorn

    arragorn New Member

    an issue which has been bugging me for a while, but easily remedied. on HTC Wildfire select settings-language and keyboard-touch input(text settings)-user dictionary,then select word you wish to change or delete and press OK and the unwanted word has been removed. hope this is useful

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